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Theatre Production Services for Stage & Tours

Comicus produce, direct and create original theatre and tour productions based around comedy. Sometimes theatrical, otherwise stand-up, always funny!


Our theatrical productions take place all around the country, from London’s West End to the Edinburgh Festival. Featuring a named comedy act, a showcase of selected comedians or a concept show.

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At the heart of all concept theatre shows is humour, this can take the form of sketches, interviews, plays and stand up. Specially written shows based around a sporting team, TV or Radio programme, a staged news review or media personalities, where anecdotes and stories of past triumphs feature heavily.

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Comicus program shows into several provincial theatres, up and down the country. This can be pure stand-up comedy, a touring artiste or a concept show – All produced by Comicus Ltd.

Terry Christian Tour “Naked Confessions of a Recovering Catholic”

Better known for presenting and co-hosting ‘The Word’ and several other TV and radio programmes, Terry Christian moved his life story and unique attitudes on the world into a full length theatre comedy tour – of jokes, anecdotes and opinions. Comicus planned and booked the tour helping Terry reach his artistic best, with direction as well as commercially producing the work in selected theatres. The artistic and critical success of the show has opened up further opportunities for this versatile artiste and presenter.

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