Choosing the Perfect Guest Speaker for Your Event

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There were 1.9 million meetings in the year 2016 alone.

Out of all those events, how many had a guest speaker that bored the audience to tears?

With so many meetings happening per year, you want to make sure that yours is one to remember. You need a brilliant guest speaker that will engage and inspire your audience.

With the right keynote speaker, your attendance will skyrocket.

But where do you even start? How can you be sure that the speaker you book will be the perfect person for the job?

Keep reading to learn what you should do to make your event a success.

Be Firm With Your Objectives

Before you even begin thinking of possible event speakers, you need to solidify your goals. That way, you can easily tell your guest speaker about your expectations.

You should define what your event is about, as well as the guest speaker’s goal for their speech. These two things should be related.

Next, you should state who your audience is. You want to ensure that the speaker’s personality and expertise align with who your audience is. You want them to leave feeling excited, not bored or confused.

Finally, you should have a budget in mind. Keynote speakers can be pricey to book, especially if they are well-known in the industry or if they need to travel a long distance.

Find a Guest Speaker

Once you define your goals, it’s time to find keynote speakers that are appropriate for your event.

If you want to broaden your scope, you can research similar events on the internet to see what kind of guest speakers others brought in. You can also research who is popular in your industry, or even find some TED Talks of people who could be great.

Comicus Ltd takes the hard work out of it for you. We can help you find speakers like comedianssports speakers, and even magicians!

Narrow Down the List

After you have a list of potential guest speakers, it’s time to decide who you want at your event.

If you’ve never seen some candidates perform before, try to find a video of their lectures online. You can also check out their social media to see if their style will resonate with your audience.

You also want to ensure that they’ll provide a unique experience for your audience. Don’t book people who give the same speech at every event they attend.

If your audience can watch the same speech on YouTube, then the speaker is wasting their time.

Additionally, is this speaker willing to stick around after the speech to answer questions and mingle with your guests? Some of the most meaningful interactions happen through one-on-one conversations after the speech.

Comicus Ltd will help you in your decision-making process to ensure that you hire the perfect guest speaker for your event.

Watch Your Engagement Soar

With these three simple tips, you can be confident that your guest speaker will leave your audience with a lasting positive memory.

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