Month: November 2016

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Henry Blofeld - Rogues on the Road

Cricket Masterclass: Rogues On The Road

Observing Ian Botham coming towards you in a very aggressive mood at an airport, is not a pretty site on tour, but this was one of many stories told by darling cricket commentator Henry Blofeld in a short tour of shows with his old BBC Test Match special (TMS) producer Peter Baxter who joined in…
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Where Cricket Meets Beaujolais Nouveau 2016

French Beaujolais Meets English Humour

The first bottles of Beaujolais Nouveau were gently mixed with some comedy, light music and Camembert cheese at the county ground on Thursday 17th November. This being the first day of the season for such a celebrated French wine, much loved around the world, particularly in its home country where corks were pulled in great…
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Ian Moore

Ian Moore Interview: Moore, Moore, Moore! How Do You Like It?

‘Doing the actual job of being a stand up comedian isn’t the problem,’ experienced comic Ian Moore once told me. ‘It’s all the bloody travelling which gets in the way’ he said. Well, have a look at this travel itinerary: Started from Loire Valley (France) at 6:30am, forty-minute drive from Vierzon, an hour half train…
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sussex-chamber-of-commerce The Eagle, Business Leaders Conference

Chamber of Commerce 2nd Business Leaders Conference: Sign of the times? Or just sad?

The Chamber of Commerce produced their second Business Leaders Conference with a nicely diversified team of speakers, each addressing different issues in the world of commerce, keeping their audience informed and entertained. Commerce Business Leaders Conference The event was compered by Laurence Elphick who as well as being a Chamber board member, has just been…
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Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards

Sussex Business: The Eagle Has Landed!

Britain’s first and last ski jumper, landed softly in a room full of Sussex Business people, ready to hear a story which was, moving, endearing and profound. This was the second in a series of Business conferences organised by the Chamber of Commerce with a number of interesting speakers each with their own distinct personal…
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You Want A Revolution?

Event Review: You Say You Want A Revolution? Well… Let Me Finish My Tea First

‘Want a revolution?’ she said. ‘Well okay, but let me finish my tea first’ was the flippant reply to the attendant checking my entrance ticket; to a new and explosive exhibition at the Victoria and Albert museum. Celebrating the culture change and movements of the 60’s entitled ‘You Say You Want A Revolution? Records and…
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