Month: September 2016

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Arnold Palmer, makes his final swing

Arnold Palmer was one of the game of golf’s most colourful and charismatic figures. It was Palmers magnificent ability and the way he played the game in the late fifties and sixties that drew the crowds and eventually the TV cameras to the sport. In his career Palmer won 91 professional tour titles including 62…
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The Great British Bake off: Rises issues on BBC business

The news of ‘The Great British Bake off’ one of BBC’s flagship programmes leaving its comfortable TV home to attempt untried terrestrial territory, has raised questions and underlined the broadcasting world we now live in. The negotiations between The BBC and the owners of ‘Bake off’ reached stalemate, enter Channel 4 who outbid Auntie by…
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‘Game of Thrones’ Craster Holds Court

Welsh actor, Robert Pugh joined a business lunch to discuss his substantial career as an actor. Not necessarily a household name but a performer who has worked with the best and continued to work. He is known to all ‘Game of Thrones’ fans as ‘Craster’ the evil one. Bob mentioned recently ‘Kids come up to…
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Making Brighton’s i360 ‘A-Pier’

Brighton’s new i360 has been controversial in its conception and now completed, forms a strong feature on the seafront landscape. Most are in positive mood for this new £46 million tourist attraction housed in front of the old West Pier which closed in 1975. The crumbling, rusting iron work of the famous pier has become…
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Scottish comics win Edinburgh comedy award 2016

Richard Gadd’s show ‘Monkey See Monkey Do’ won the coveted 2016 Edinburgh comedy award, past winners include Frank Skinner, Jeremy Hardy and Al Murray. This time however there was a darker side to the comedy as Gadd’s show was centred around his own personal difficulties getting over a sexual assault he experienced four years ago.…
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Gene Wilder: Wild about Gene

Anyone who wants to perform comedy would dream of having facial features like Gene Wilder, wonderfully expressive with eyes that communicated great emotion often combined with a classical acting technique approach to his in work. Comedian Jim Carrey describing Wilder as ‘one of the funniest and sweetest energies ever to take a human form’. Indeed,…
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Martin Beaumont

‘Chitty, Chitty, Cruise, Cruise’ Martin Beaumont: Interview

To see Martin’s profile and to book him for your event click here. Having been pushed to the back as a child actor during the filming of ‘Chitty Chitty, Bang, Bang’ as he looked to healthy for a starving child in the famous cave scene. Martin Beaumont went on to star on Saturday night TV in…
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