Antarctic Cricket: The Ice Man Cometh – Up To Bat Next

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Neil Laughton Antarctic Cricket: The Ice Man Cometh - Up To Bat Next

Former Royal Marine Commando Neil Laughton, described his day job as business consultant and training executive to over 200 cricket lovers; talking about Antarctic Cricket, Frost Bite and Coastguard Rescues when delivering an informative and interesting talk on his career adventures at Sussex County Cricket Club.

British Army Antarctic Cricket

Neil mentioned he couldn’t get into the school cricket team; but managed while in the army to captain the British cricket side, in the Antarctic against a rest of the world eleven. Cricket on ice is not unheard of, Laughton showed a number of slides that illustrated not only the game in snow, but stressing the temperatures of 40 degrees below freezing. And some people say Britain is cold.

Keep Your Zipper Up Avoids Frost Bite

He emphasised the loss of feeling one can have in such low temperatures; recalling a fellow officer accidentally leaving his snow suit flies open, after visiting the icy loo and no one noticing the fact until later. Neil then displayed a photo of a frost bitten hand with gasps from the audience, to illustrate what extreme low temperatures can do. Made your eyes water.

American Coastguard Rescue Laughton

Obviously a man driven to succeed, he recounted the challenge he took up with a friend; to cross a freezing uninhabited island between Alaska and Russia. Eventually conceding defeat and having to call in the American coastguard to get them out.

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Business & Life Failures

What was refreshing about this talk and Neil as a keynote speaker, is that he was unafraid to share his failures both in business and in life. He further stated the fact that although he had one highly successful commercial venture there were others that lost money and went bankrupt.

This was good to see someone admitting failures, but coming through with one gigantic business success. Leaving one executive to comment ‘he was really inspiring and engaging today’.

Neil’s 5 Achievement Talking Points

  1. Push the boat out – Take a chance in life
  2. Get a good night’s sleep (Be ready)
  3. It’s not what you know (but who you work with)
  4. Team work. Look for character and attitude over how many qualifications people have.
  5. Crisis what crisis? (Try to stay calm)

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