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Tim Vine as Columbo

Tim Vine is Columbo

Tim Vine recreates Columbo Columbo fan and comedian Tim Vine has re-created a number of scenes from various episodes of the famous TV series, often filmed in his own backyard and the local park. For those who know the series the scene parodies are exceptionally funny. All of the extracts contain the exact dialogue from a…
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Barry Cryer

Barry Cryer: Friend, Funny & Fantastic

I knew Barry Cryer, ‘Baz’, for over forty years, while writing on various comedy shows, bumping into him in TV Studio’s, events and the after dinner speaking circuit. We became close friends. The trips to his favourite pub (The Moon & Sixpence), the chat, stories and banter were simply wonderful. I will miss him tremendously.…
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Freddie Starr

Freddie Starr: A Bright Star Has Gone Out

Freddie Starr was a very talented comedian, impressionist, singer and actor with an extra ordinary self-destructive side which was often present in his performances but even more prevalent in his personal life and on occasions dealing with professional staff and showbusiness executives. Frederick Leslie Fowell He was born Frederick Leslie Fowell in Liverpool, a carpenter’s…
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Ken Dodd

Ken Dodd: His Writer of 30 Years Speaks Out (Part 2)

Barry Reeves was the comedy writer for Ken Dodd for over 30 years, here he continues talking of their working relationship and close friendship to the very end. If you missed it you can read Part 1 of this article here. Ken Dodd: Audience, Shows & Nerves A lot of people stated they were friends of…
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Ken Dodd tickling sticks

Ken Dodd: His Writer of 30 Years Speaks Out (Part 1)

Barry Reeves was Ken Dodd’s comedy writer for over 30 years, keeping himself in the background, while serving up some of Doddy’s most favourite routines. Barry was never one for the personal limelight. Modest in attitude but talented with pen. Their working relationship turned to a close family friendship. Here in this two-part series, Barry…
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Jasper & Alistair Web Banner

Tour Review: Jasper Carrott & Alistair McGowan

Jasper Carrott and Alistair McGowan, the bacon and eggs pairing, are a surprising mixture of comedy talent touring the country together with their different but complementary styles of stand up. Well Observed Impressions McGowan’s well observed impressions drive his act forward, one after the other, some nicely catching the ear, especially those where other impressionists…
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Hire a Comedian

10 Comical Tips For Business Presentation Success (Seriously)

Some of the facets of stand up comedy can be used in a business presentation context. Learning from stand ups can help structure and prepare executives for an important business presentation. With these great Tips For Successful Business Presentations, there’s always a little space for some comedy in business. Presentation Tips From Stand Up Comedy Speakers…
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Bob Monkhouse

6 Top Tips On Public Speaking From King Of Corporate Events

Here are six tips and advice for speaking at events, Bob Monkhouse was generous to offer to those that wanted to learn from a master. Bob Monkhouse: The King of Corporate Bob Monkhouse (1928-2003), was often referred to as the king of the corporate event. He was one of Britain’s top comedians for over five…
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Jim Tavare: ‘From Deadpan to Bedpan’

Jim Tavare: ‘From Deadpan to Bedpan’

What does one do when you’ve had the most horrific car crash, come close to death three times in the operating theatre and told by the doctors to contact your children to say goodbye? Well, you write jokes. Jim Tavare sat back on his bed facing a year of convalescing, an uncertain future with major…
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Carol Cleveland Monty Python: Forgotten Female 7th Member

Carol Cleveland: Monty Python’s Forgotten Female 7th Member

‘Monty Python’s flying Circus’ (BBC 1969 -1974) was a surreal TV programme which changed the face of comedy not only in Britain but the world. Its popularity stretched across Europe and The United States. Many of its famous sketches, which often mocked the establishment, are still re-run on television today; besides DVD’s, albums, several books…
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Robbie & Dad (Pete Conway) on stage

Pete Conway & Robbie Williams: Like Father Like Son

Robbie Williams is recognised as one of the best selling music artists of all time, having sold 75 million records worldwide. Six of his albums are in the top 100 biggest selling records in the UK; four of which are in the top 60. But some of that magic may well have come from his dad.…
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Ken Dodd photo_by_matthew_willetts

Ken Dodd: Comedy Masterclass

On November 8th, Ken Dodd turned 90 years old. This master of stand-up comedy has transcended generations of comedians, including cultural changes in entertainment from variety theatre (where he started), to the social & cabaret club’s scene and the now comedy club circuit. Yet he still applies his art today in often packed out theatres…
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theatre show

Sunday Night At…

NOT Sunday Night at the London Palladium! But Sunday Night at the Theatre Royal Brighton with all the glamour, glitz and talent associated with the London Theatre, along with the variety talent which had many switching on their TV sets in the 50’s and 60’s, but now making their way to Brighton for the same…
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Best of British Farce

Best of British Farce: Ray Cooney’s ‘Out of Order’

Farce is never an easy form of theatre to succeed in. Yet Ray Cooney has made it his lifetimes ambition and work to create some of our best loved and well written British Farce. ‘Out of Order’ is not one of Cooney’s best (even though it won an Laurence Oliver award for Best Comedy 1991)…
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Where Cricket Meets Beaujolais Nouveau 2016

French Beaujolais Meets English Humour

The first bottles of Beaujolais Nouveau were gently mixed with some comedy, light music and Camembert cheese at the county ground on Thursday 17th November. This being the first day of the season for such a celebrated French wine, much loved around the world, particularly in its home country where corks were pulled in great…
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5 Ways to Enjoy Comedy by Shakespeare and His Mates

Richard Inverne visits Straford upon Avon, in search of some Comedy by Shakespeare. 1. Putting on Comedy by Shakespeare The FIRST way to enjoy a Shakespeare comedy… is the play has to be put on! What might seem obvious simply wasn’t the case on Tuesday 19 July when arriving in Stratford-upon-Avon for a handful of…
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Humour At Work #2 - Clowning, Teasing & Satire in the Office

Humour At Work #3 – Clowning, Teasing & Satire in the Office

Ackroyd & Thompson believed the struggle for identity, is often played out through misbehaviour and joking in the work place. They identified three types of humour in work, labelling them as Clowning, Teasing and Satire in the Office. [slideshow_deploy id=’2057′] Clowning in an Office Clowning is a form of humour in which people make fools…
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Humour At Work #2 - Workplace Comedy Research

Humour At Work #2 – Workplace Comedy Research

We have seen how satire from our favourite comedians, in a newspaper or topical TV & radio shows such as: ‘That was the week that was’, ‘Spitting Image’, ‘Now Show’ and ‘Weekending’; has a way of making us laugh, because we see an element of truth in the joke. The same happens in workplace comedy, where…
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Benefits of Comedy at work

Humour At Work #1 – 8 Benefits of Comedy in the Office

The most wasted of all days is the one which you did not laugh. In many offices, pinned on noticeboards or over people’s desks, you can often read… ‘You don’t have to be mad to work here, but it helps’. It became a rather irritating cliché, put on display in several work environments, by the…
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Top 10 Films About Comedy

Top 10 Films About Comedy & Show Business

The below movies represent a personal choice of work (in no particular order) who have successfully communicated a realism about the comedy and show business profession. Having watched several films and stage plays on this industry. Few do the business justice. Here is my Top 10 Films about Comedy, Entertainment & Show Business. Top 10 Films…
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