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Freddie Starr: A Bright Star Has Gone Out

Freddie Starr was a very talented comedian, impressionist, singer and actor with an extra ordinary self-destructive side which was often present in his performances but even more prevalent in his personal life and on occasions dealing with professional staff and showbusiness executives. Frederick Leslie Fowell He was born Frederick Leslie Fowell in Liverpool, a carpenter’s…
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Edinburgh Fringe festival 2018: A week of show reviews

Sunday ‘Terry Alderton: The Musical’ is an extremely fast paced stand up performance. His impact is immediate, providing all the physicality associated with this over bearing but talented performer, with highly timed sound inserts, supported by Terry’s strong ability for voices and for the visually absorbed.  His legs in the air, Terry’s feet begin a…
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Jim Tavare

Jim Tavare: All-Star Comedy Benefit show

[slideshow_deploy id=’2695′] We are pleased to announce a Comedy Benefit night for Jim Tavare at the Lyric Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue, London on Monday 12th June 2017. The support from his colleagues has been amazing and the bill of comics performing that evening reads like a who’s who of modern stand up. Dara O Briain, Jo…
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Rob Andrew

Andrews Speaks During Chocolate Pot Exchange

The wet mist descended slowly across the empty County Ground, as a small tractor moved across the moist grass while business people sipped champagne over light conversation in the Focus conference room. This can only mean one thing – the start of the English cricket season. [slideshow_deploy id=’2637′] The 2017 squad of Sussex players mixed…
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Chris Nash Testimonial: Grand Opening For Cricketer’s Year!

The Grand Hotel in Brighton was the venue for the opening event of Sussex Cricketer Chris Nash’s testimonial year. The turnout was excellent; with a supporting cast of fellow team mates including captain Luke Wright, joining in the chat and banter. It is no mean achievement to be offered a testimonial year, normally a player…
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Theatre Review: Play That Goes Wrong by Lewis, Shields & Sayer

Following it’s humble beginning at the Old Red Lion, Islington (2012) ‘The Play That Goes Wrong’ is drawing strong audiences in its West End run. It further gained attention after appearing on the Royal Variety Show and has since gone from strength to strength. This is the play that turns slapstick comedy into an intelligent,…
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How To Survive The End Of The World - According To Hollywood

8 Tips On How To Survive The End Of The World – According To Hollywood

In the weekend of the Oscars, millions are glued to their screens awaiting the much-coveted awards. Once a film becomes popular, the genre is often copied by others. In recent years, the human race has become more enamoured with the idea of How To Survive The End Of The World. Survive The End Of The…
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Comedy Ads: Horses Laugh Hysterically at Bad Car Parking

  Laughter is infectious. Even more so when the laughter is coming from a group of animated horses. These horses are the stars of a new Volkswagen commercial advertising the trailer assist feature of the new Tiguan car. The hilarious Volkswagen advert was published onto their YouTube channel on the 12th October and now has…
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Royal Shakespeare Company’s High Tech Tempest – Does It Work?

Did the RSC’s high-tech The Tempest work with or against Shakespeare’s dark, enigmatic comedy? The Tempest apparently premiered with a performance at Whitehall Palace in 1611, performed by the King’s Men before King James I and his court. Whilst we do not know much about this occasion, we can assume that His Majesty was pleased…
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Liz Smith: Nation’s Favourite Grandma Says Goodbye

Liz Smith was one of those actresses you immediately recognise, then struggle to think what she has been in. ‘Oh she was in .. that .. er? It is because she appeared in so many parts in TV & Film in the last forty years we don’t always necessarily identify her with just one or…
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Ian Moore

Ian Moore Interview: Moore, Moore, Moore! How Do You Like It?

‘Doing the actual job of being a stand up comedian isn’t the problem’ an experienced comic once told me. ‘It’s all the bloody travelling which gets in the way’ he said. Well, have a look at this travel itinerary; Started from Loire Valley (France) at 6:30am, forty-minute drive from Vierzon, an hour half train to…
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The Great British Bake off: Rises issues on BBC business

[slideshow_deploy id=’2306′] The news of ‘The Great British Bake off’ one of BBC’s flagship programmes leaving its comfortable TV home to attempt untried terrestrial territory, has raised questions and underlined the broadcasting world we now live in. The negotiations between The BBC and the owners of ‘Bake off’ reached stalemate, enter Channel 4 who outbid…
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Gene Wilder

Gene Wilder: Wild about Gene

Anyone who wants to perform comedy would dream of having facial features like Gene Wilder, wonderfully expressive with eyes that communicated great emotion often combined with a classical acting technique approach to his in work. Comedian Jim Carrey describing Wilder as ‘one of the funniest and sweetest energies ever to take a human form’. Indeed,…
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Caroline Aherne

Caroline Aherne: Royally Bows Out

Caroline Aherne was a character actress and comedian who made some wonderful original TV shows in the nineties. ‘Royal Family’ and ‘Mrs Merton’ were probably her most noted but she also starred in the cast of ‘The Fast show’ from 1994-1997, becoming known for the catchphrase ‘Scorchio’ delivered by her foreign weather girl character. Comedian…
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Muhammad Ali: The Greatest

Muhammad Ali is the only person in my adulthood, who I queued, three hours in the rain, outside a London bookshop to briefly meet to get his signature on his latest autobiography. Such was his immense respect, impact and likeability to millions. By then he was suffering from Parkinson’s, his hand with pen was gently…
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Carla Lane: Last Slice of Bread

Carla Lane, the award-winning writer of television comedy dramas including the ‘Liver Birds’ (co-creator, 1969–78), ‘Butterflies’ (1978–82) and ‘Bread’ (1986–91), has died at the age of 87. Chris Sussman Head of BBC Comedy Production said of her ‘ A different voice in comedy, like all the best writers. Much loved by so many.’ She was…
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Leicester City FC

Leicester City Win Premiership: Foxes Out Run The Hounds

Having watched football for nearly fifty years I can safely say Leicester City FC winning the Premiership title is the most extra ordinary upset I have ever observed. Until it actually happened nobody could really believe it. But it has. For once the Foxes have out run the hounds of Spurs, Arsenal, Man City, Man…
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Victoria Wood

Victoria Wood: True Talent Remembered

Victoria Wood was an excellent comedy performer and an even better writer. She showed in a man’s comedy world, true talent can rise to the top and entertain us all. Sarah Millican describing her as ‘A true comic icon’. Her death at the age of 62, says the Times, stunned her family and a “nation…
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Micheal McIntrye’s Big Show

It’s good to see Michael McIntyre getting back to what he does best – stand up. In his new prime Saturday night BBC TV show, his opening monologue showed what a master he is at taking a comic idea and running with it, building through comparisons and observations from one very small idea. This time,…
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Blackadder Destroyed My Life!

The sit-com ‘Blackadder’ was one of the most loved and respected comedy series in the UK. But not for the former BBC’s chief medical officer whose life was made a complete misery – thanks to Blackadder. What was not known at the time by creators Rowan Atkinson and Richard Curtis but their ‘I have a…
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When Andy Met A Beatle, A Bond Girl & Dame Edna

Andy Cade (Art Director, Musician & Lecturer) reminisces on working with Ringo, Barbara Bach, Dame Edna. In 1990 my wife Lizzie came home from the Gym in Barnes saying she’d befriended some girls at the aqua class who she’d thought ‘may have something to do with the Beatles’. Turned out to be Pattie Boyd/Harrison/Clapton, Nicole…
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Ronnie Corbett: Comics Remember A Comedy Legend

Ronnie Corbett dies just weeks before he was to be knighted in the Queens’s 90th Birthday Honours list. He was given a CBE in 2012, Sir Bruce Forsyth said “It’s a very sad day, we’re all going to miss him” The much loved Actor, Comedian and broadcaster was best known for his work with Ronnie…
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Garry Shandling

Garry Shandling: Comedy Innovation Remembered

Garry Shandling was a comedy pioneer pushing sit-com a little further in a golden period in the early nineties. He was best remembered for ‘It’s Garry Shandling’s Show’ and ‘The Larry Sanders Show’ – both of which innovated the tone and direction that sitcoms might take. Ricky Gervais said of Shandling ‘one of the most…
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Johan Cruyff

Johan Cruyff: Final Turn Of A Master

Johan Cruyff was regarded as one the greatest players of all time, he won three consecutive European Cups (1970–71, 1971–72, 1972–73) with Ajax and went on to play and manage Barcelona to their first European Cup triumph in 1992. Johan Cruyff: Player Manager He was unique as not only as a great footballer winning three…
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