T20 World Cup Eng v West Indies (Final)

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T20 World Cup Eng v West Indies (Final)

Grahame Smith reports on T20 World cup final in India. Exclusively for Comicus

After the two fantastic outcomes against Sri Lanka and New Zealand in Delhi, a hardy bunch of England fans turn up at the iconic world cricket venue of Eden Gardens, Kolkata.

The stadium is far larger and more open than the Kotla in Delhi as evidenced by the size of the crowd (50,000 compared to 30,000 for the Semi). The local Indian fans who had bought tickets in anticipation of seeing their heroes in the final were favouring the West Indies on a ratio on about 3 to 1.

We were sat two rows back, square onto the wicket and had a ground’s eye view of the action. We were perfectly placed to offer our view on the question of run outs at the Pavillion End should the official televisual system happen to fail and the umpires find themselves requiring an external view.

One highlight of being down at the front was that we were close to the groups of children, who were aged around 10 to 12 and adorned in all-white outfits in order to carry on the respective team flags. Just as the children were getting ready for their flag carrying duties one of the official fireworks at the side of the ground went off as they were regularly prone to do, causing a great cheer each time by the enthusiastic young troop. However, the next one was different as the debris from this particular rocket landed directly on the head of their adult leader. The reaction of this amongst the kids was nothing short of pandemonium, causing knock-on hilarity with the rest of the crowd. I’m sure that the pyrotechnics team could launch these rockets a thousand times and never again have such an impact.

As for the game, England’s batters failed to post a significant score, losing too many wickets early in, putting undue pressure on the middle and tail, yet remarkably came back with the ball to take it to the last over in the position as favourites. Brathwaites four successive throws of the dice, scoring an astounding six each time put paid to the slightly surreal feeling that it would be England winning this competition. The only England sporting comparison that I can draw is the defeat in the semi-finals of Euro ’96. We had to quickly put on a brave face and reflect on the fact that we had just witnessed one of the most spectacular ends to any game of cricket, World Cup final or not.

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