How to Get the Best From a Celebrity at Your Event

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How to Get the Best From a Celebrity at Your Event

The excitement and buzz over a big event gathering can be grand. Adding a guest celebrity to that mix can make the entire ordeal electric.

The trouble is how do you even begin to get a celebrity at your event? It won’t be easy but with enough effort and the right effort, you can do it.

Interested in upgrading your next event with a guest celebrity? Read along to find out how.

The Key Steps to Getting a Celebrity at Your Event

When it comes to getting a celebrity at your event, you need to take cautious and careful steps. A major slip up here can ruin your chances of winning that celebrity over. If it is bad enough, it can even damage your reputation.

Focus on these steps below. Be patient and earnest and you’ll have a host of celebrities eager to join your events.

1. Researching Celebrities

Social media is the powerful key to start this off. While it can be a great way to advertise the event it is also a major player in making good connections. Try to engage with the audience of your proposed celebrity. Is there following your event demographic ?

Connecting with a celebrity can be hard. The first spot is to filter out the celebrities that do not work for your cause or tone. You don’t want a raunchy comedian for a family event.

Once you have a good amount of information and know which celebrities you’d want for your event, Comicus LTD can be the bridge that puts you in touch with these celebrities.

Contact us for the information you need to move on to step 2.

2. Matching Your Theme With The Celebrity

Every event has a theme or backdrop for why the event exists at all. It would be near impossible, and a little awkward, to try and get a celebrity for your event that has no interest in what the event is for.

Research what they like and what they’ve supported before. If they have a penchant for something in your wheelhouse, that makes it so much easier to reel them in when you have their attention.

This can also help to smooth out the first contact. Don’t be abrupt and ask them right away. Start a conversation about their passions and work from there.

3. Offer Them A Prime Seat

Celebrities are busy people and while many are nice and normal people in real life, it is best to showcase that your event is the one that will make the most out of their time.

When in doubt, give them center stage! Let them be the top billing for the event. Their name and recognition are what you are after, so let it all out.

This can often be enough to seal the deal.

4. Be Upfront About Your Expectations

When you are talking business, never be coy or misleading about what you want or need from the setup. If you feel your demands of a celebrity may be daunting or offputting, lower them. Do not hide them.

If you are upfront, you will have no worries of miscommunications later on. A celebrity can walk out in disgust if they feel misled.

5. Show Gratitude and Respect

As with all things professional, be courteous and polite. A guest celebrity is as much a business partner as any other and your dealings should be sincere and pleasant.

A celebrity giving you their time is precious. Send them a thank you after the event and make sure their time with you was delightful. You may get a repeat visit.

Celebrity Entertainment for a Better Community

Getting a celebrity at your event doesn’t have to be painstaking and confusing. These simple steps above proved that with a bit of openness, smooth operations, and earnest understanding, you can get anyone on your side.

For more advice and news on the world of public entertainment, we here at Comicus have all that you need.


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