8 Tips On How To Survive The End Of The World – According To Hollywood

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How To Survive The End Of The World - According To Hollywood

In the weekend of the Oscars, millions are glued to their screens awaiting the much-coveted awards. Once a film becomes popular, the genre is often copied by others. In recent years, the human race has become more enamoured with the idea of How To Survive The End Of The World.

Survive The End Of The World

With people insisting they have seen intelligent life, global warming on the rise and the extreme surge in ‘zombie-mania’ it’s no wonder Hollywood jumped at the chance to exploit it. So, if you want to learn all the best ways (according to Hollywood) to survive under these extreme circumstances then stick around.

1. Survive Alien Invasion

First, we will be looking at the dos and don’ts of alien invasions through the Hollywood film ‘Independence Day’. A blockbuster hit released in 1996 with a gross of $817.4 million worldwide. In this film an alien mother-ship enters the atmosphere deploying 36 ships to all the major cities.

2. Don’t Be A Civilian

One of the major survival techniques used in many films, for the millions of civilians is evacuations. However, this proves fruitless in this film as the evacuation is announced too late and many if not all of the civilians die as the main characters survive on air force one.

3. Never Go Nuclear

In most alien films the nuclear option is never a good choice. No one wants to start a ‘war of the worlds’. However, in most invasion films there is a burly looking general who is set on releasing the nuclear missiles and ‘blowing those aliens out of the sky’. In this film, as is the case in many invasion films, the nuclear option doesn’t work. And leaves the alien ship undamaged and just plain pissed off.

4. Global Warming

Now, to tackle the end of the world through global warming with the help of Hollywood survival film 2012. One of the highest grossing films of 2009, it follows a science-fiction writer father and his family as they try and escape the impending doom of global warming.

5. Build An Ark (Seriously)

In this film the main plot is about survival, which is true to form for a disaster movie. However, the use of an ark built by the government seems outdated. You would have thought that the greatest military and scientific minds in the world would do better. even just an ark that would not be destroyed coming into contact with Mount Everest (the heart wrenching climax of the film…).

6. Survive Zombie Apocalypse

Survival during a zombie apocalypse might seem strait forward. Don’t get bitten… Don’t die… but if these Hollywood films are anything to go by, it’s a lot more complex than that. Take the movie Zombie land, a huge critical and commercial success; grossing more than $60.8 million in 17 days through its combination of comedy and horror.

7. Don’t Trust Pretty Girls

At the beginning of the film the leading man stumbles upon two girls one young one older. They convince him the younger girl has been bitten and wants him to ‘end it’. This ends up just being an elaborate ploy to steal everything from him, and it works.

8. No Loud Noises! Sssshh!

If you are an avid zombie movie enthusiast, then you will be aware of this simple but vital trick. In this film the pair of girls end up at an amusement park and decide to turn on all the rides. Only to find the zombies are attracted to the sound and there trapped on the ride. It all culminates in the boys coming back to save them and the boy getting the girl etc. However, the message prevails. If you find yourself surrounded by zombies; try to stay quiet.

Tips To Survive The End Of The World

The best tip of all, that we can give you to help Survive The End Of The World; is to watch all the Zombie Attack, Alien Invasion, Virus Outbreak and Disaster Movies you can get your hands on. Take notes, stick to the rules and Be Prepared!

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