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Chris Boardman

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Chris Boardman is arguably one of Britain’s most successful cyclists with 3 World Hour Records. Nicknamed ‘The Professor’ for his technical know-how and meticulous attention to detail in preparation and training, Chris has since helped develop a carbon-fibre bicycle with Lotus, and launched the Boardman Bikes brand. His presentations explore the journey from the dole to high-performance sport and business.

Olympic medal

A cycling institution, Chris Boardman is both a physical and technical success in the field of cycling. World and Olympic champion and founder of Boardman Bikes brand. Chris educates the corporate circuit on the similarities between peak performance in sport and business.

The Barcelona Olympics saw Britain’s first cycling gold medal in 72 years. As Chris Boardman stood on the podium. He never imagined what the magnitude of his achievement would mean for British cycling. Now the most lauded team in the world. Chris’ messages to business are valuable and timeless – teamwork, high performance, success and  motivation .

With an extreme attention to detail Chris focuses on dealing with fears and how to harness failure. Drawing on his professional experience he helps businesses learn the necessity of determination and passion.

Yellow Jersey

As well as wearing the prestigious yellow jersey in the Tour De France three times, Chris accumulated many national titles in the run-up to his 1992 Olympic success, where he won the world record away from his great rival, Scottish cyclist Graeme Obree. Diagnosed with osteoporosis at the age of 30, Chris was forced to step back from delivering his full physical potential. He has established himself as a serious journalist, and has written pieces for various publications, including Pro Cycling and Diver magazine.

Chris is also an ITV and BBC pundit, covering major cycling events, and he sits on the National Cycling Strategy Board. With as much business acumen as athletic brawn, Chris is also an entrepreneur. He co-founded Boardman Bikes, one of the fastest growing British bike brands.

Bringing together the skills of peak performance, entrepreneurialism and attention to detail, Chris will teach the business and sporting worlds the secrets to success.

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5 reviews for Chris Boardman

  1. V Neil Fatharly, Prupim

    Chris provided a very motivational session at our annual staff presentation and was not intimidated by speaking to over 350 people. The real differential to other external speakers we have used was the attention to detail – Chris spent some time analysing our business and understanding key issues which were then cleverly interwoven to his speech – something that our Managing Director fully appreciated to reinforce his key messages.

  2. Director, PINNA Ltd

    Over the years, I have heard many talks and Keynote speeches from many sportspeople. If I’m being honest, whilst they were invariably very enjoyable, none have made a difference to my life and to my business but Chris’s story is nothing less than inspirational; he shares an ordinary story from an ordinary guy achieving extraordinary results – consistently achieving personal goals and leading a team to achieve team goals. And anyone can apply these ‘ordinary’ things to their business. I know because it’s happening for us and for our clients.If you get a chance to listen to Chris; be there.

  3. Head of Marketing & Insight, Ebiquity

    Chris proved a superb choice of keynote speaker at our seminar. We delivered on the brief in an engaging, inspirational and entertaining fashion which really helped us set the tone for the rest of the session.

  4. Toni Diggins, EEDA

    Chris was great to work with – he took the time to really get to grips with the brief and made sure his presentation not only met but exceeded the brief. We received great feedback from delegates who found Chris especially insightful and inspiring. Toni Diggins, EEDA

  5. NE Worcester College Graduation Evening

    Excellent, very approachable, spent a long time talking with members of the audience and signing autographs.

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