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Contrary to the current trend for urban and often irreverent street magic; Michael Vincent embodies the teachings of the masters of magic. Performing classical sleight of hand magic and making it relevant for the 21st century. All delivered with style, panache and class.

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He has been named Best Close-Up Magician three times by The Magic Circle – 3 times in three consecutive decades-1983-1991-2003. International Magic’s Magician of the Year in 1993. His performances have been featured at exclusive venues around the globe, celebrity parties, international casinos and high end corporate events. In a career that continues with a drive, passion and dedication; his stylish and sophisticated performances takes sleight of hand magic to a new level of perfection, artistry and authentic self-expression.

Michael Vincent: Magician

There are very few magicians who posses the magical combination of superlative sleight of hand and great theatrical presentation; Michael Vincent is one of the chosen few. Over the last twenty years, Michael has earned the enviable reputation; of being among the top elite of magicians and sleight of hand artist in the world. His sublime magic has been featured at numerous venues around the world for top corporations and international celebrities. He would be the first to admit that great technique counts for nothing; if it not supported by a meaningful presentation.

“I believe that great sleight of hand magic combined with a good plot and presentation; can make all the difference between the audiences acknowledging that they have experienced something extraordinary.” Michael Vincent

It is this simple philosophy which has defined Michael’s place in the history of magic. His magic is a tribute to the wonderful artist who inspired him as a youngster. Magicians who were his mentors; Alan Alan, Harry Lorayne, Cy Endfield (Director of the Movie ZULU), Tony Slydini, Derek Dingle, Darwin Ortiz, Larry Jennings and Michael Skinner. Michael was fortunate to meet his heroes and to study the of magic with them. Part of Michael’s on going legacy is to continue the chain of excellence these great master passed on to him.

Michael Vincent: Hollywood Magic

From being a small boy watching David Nixon on TV, to entertaining Hollywood stars at The Magic Castle in California; Michael has come a very long way. His dream was simple: to become the very best at his chosen craft; and bring world-class magic within the reach of everyone. Now the high standards that he set for himself, has audiences catching their breath. They see it, but they don’t believe it.

Michael’s Achievements

  • Magic Circle Close-up Magician of the Year 1983-1991-2003/2004
  • First time in The Magic Circle history that a magician has won this coveted award in three different decades.
  • Best British Performer at the International Grand Prix-1991
  • International Magic Magician of the Year 1994

TV Appearances to Date:

  • New Faces 1986.
  • The Paul Daniel’s Magic show 1982. Tomorrow’s World 1982.
  • Jim’ll Fix it-1995.
  • Talking Telephone numbers-1996. Trick on 2-Christmas 1998. Tricks and Trax-BBC 1.
  • Paul Daniels Secrets BBC1-1998.
  • Channel Four’s “Heroes of Magic” 2000.
  • Best Ever Magic Tricks ITV 2001.
  • The Heaven and Earth Show BBC1 2005
  • Penn & Teller “FOOL US” with Jonathan Ross – 2011

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