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“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” said Arthur C Clark, and those words describe Jamie’s magic perfectly. Jamie Allan is being portrayed by the press as Harry Houdini meets the 21st century; with his fusion of magic and technology.

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He performs incredible modern illusions with iPads, Laser Beams, Facebook and Twitter; in addition to stunning sleight of hand relayed by HD Mini Cams live to the audience via projection screens.

Jamie Allan: iPad Illusions

Jamie recently performed his signature iPad illusion “Digital Art” to close the BBC One show live to millions of viewers and he will be appearing on your TV screens quite a few more times in the coming months!

Magical Design

Jamie has worked alongside and designed effects for many top stars including: Sting, Tim Minchin, Katherine Jenkins, Lulu, Blue, Leona Lewis, Billy Ocean and Jools Holland.

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3 reviews for Jamie Allan

  1. Mike Danata – Talk Magic

    iMagician was a perfect fusion of past and present. With glimpses into the future of “What might be… hugely informative, enlightening, thought provoking and ultimately hugely entertaining.

  2. Ashfield Chad

    Master illusionist creates show for iPad generation

  3. Northumberland Gazette

    It was Harry Houdini meets the 21st century.

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