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Derren Brown began his UK TV career in December 2000 with a series of specials called Mind Control. Since redefining the genre of magic for intelligent, modern audiences, he has become synonymous with the art of psychological manipulation. His TV shows have become must-see events.

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Among a varied and notorious career, Derren has played Russian Roulette on live TV; convinced middle managers to commit an armed robbery in the street; led the nation in a séance; stuck viewers to their sofas; successfully predicted the National Lottery; motivated a shy man to land a packed passenger plane at 30,000 feet; exposed psychic and faith healing charlatans and hypnotised a man to assassinate Stephen Fry.

Career Highlights

On top of this he tours the UK every year with a sell out stage show.

Derren Brown At Home

At home, Derren paints, keeps a parrot and enjoys Bach. He dislikes mushrooms and blue cheese, and wishes he could play the piano.

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