Uri Geller

Uri Geller

Uri Geller is fascinating and incredibly talented psychic. His talents stretch far beyond bending spoons. Uri’s telepathy and psychokinesis mystifies audiences. Geller uses his talents to aid social action. He lectures and conducts seminars regularly for the world’s largest businesses, political organisations and charities. Leading a mysterious and unique life. Uri is sure to entertain after dinner audiences.

Uri Geller

Uri Geller rose to fame in the 1970s by perplexing TV audiences by staring at spoons. Then apparently bending them with his psychic powers. Motivational ; spiritual; elusive and mysterious. He has influenced and entertained the press and the public with his celebrity friendships, cryptic governmental involvement and mind energy illusions.

World famous

Far from bending spoons and fixing broken watches. Uri’s motivational messages now feature in every leading publication across the world. Geller has been lauded by the Young Presidents Organisation who voted him most inspirational and motivational speaker – with Dr Henry Kissinger as runner up.

Uri attended the nuclear arms reduction talks in Geneva. He was asked to influence the Soviets to sign the treaty, which they did. After Uri, delivered a motivational lecture to the International Federation of Magical Societies in 2015. He has also lectured globally and conducted seminars regularly for the world’s largest businesses, political organisations and charities.


The world’s most prestigious scientific magazine, Nature, published a paper on Uri’s work at the Stanford Research Institute in the U.S.A. A unique endorsement. Irrefutable proof that his skills are genuine. His work with the FBI and the CIA has ranged from using Mind Power to erase KGB computer files and track serial killers. As well as attending nuclear disarmament negotiations to bombard and influence the Russian chief negotiator with positive thought waves, so that the Soviet delegation would sign the Nuclear Arms Reduction Treaty.

Governments & media

Uri also addressed a group of US Senators and National Security Executives at the high-security room in the Capitol Building in Washington. For decades this aspect of his career was too confidential and controversial to discuss. Uri Geller’s name has also appeared countless times in crossword puzzles around the world, including The New York Times, Washington Post, New York Magazine, TV Guide (USA), People, New Yorker Magazine, and International Herald Tribune and even in the general knowledge game of Trivial Pursuit. Marvel Comics’ Daredevil featured him on the cover as “The most shocking guest star of all The incomparable Uri Geller!”.


Uri has lectured to the directors and CEOs of large multinational companies such as Henkel, the Prime Minister’s Conference, Novartis, Mizuno, Sony, Rolls Royce, Hallmark and many more. He was also invited by PriceWaterhouseCoopers as a speaker to the 2004 World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland. Along with such dignitaries as Bill Clinton, Dick Cheney and Steve Forbes. In 2006 Uri lectured to the heads of Reuters in Jerusalem. Also to the heads of Google Europe. In 2007 and 2008 among many other lectures he motivated Balderton Capital at their Annual CEO Summit in London and Turkey’s chemical giant Gemsan in Istanbul.

Able to entertain the corporate audience with his mind-bending powers, Uri is perfect for an after-dinner engagement.

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