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Tim Hawkes


Tim Hawkes is a world leader in the field of developing coaching cultures with over 11 years working in the industry deliver everything from one to one coaching solutions to organisational change programmes.

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Tim Hawkes Coach

He is the Managing Director of turn-key coaching solutions provider Unlimited Potential, a company which offers bespoke high quality coaching solutions to global organisations from all sectors and industries. Unlimited Potential runs a coaching solutions for large organisations and also provides a number of high quality group coaching programmes for senior directors of smaller organisations.

How To Develop Coaching

After a number of years working in the coaching industry, it was clear to Tim that one to one coaching and coach training did a great job at developing individuals; however did not often bring about organisational change. This raised the question, how do organisations develop a coaching culture; particularly if they have a number of possible remote global locations. This also raised the issue of the cultural dynamics across an organisations population and how coaching needs to meet this difference to deliver a consistent outcome.

Embark Coaching

With this in mind Tim Hawkes teamed up with Stuart Haden, author of “It’s not about the coach”; to create the Embark coaching culture diagnostic tool. The only tool in the world that allows organisations to create, assess and develop their coaching culture over a set period. The Embark diagnostic divides coaching cultures in 9 manageable dimensions; giving both a strategic and operation framework to deliver bespoke coaching culture solutions to organisations of any size.

Tim Hawkes Speaker

Tim Hawkes is also an international speaker on the subjects of; “coaching cultures”, “the future of coaching” and “leadership in socially connected world”. His client centric approach has made him popular with clients such as International Red Cross, General Dynamics, Bacardi and the NBA (National Basketball Association).

Tim Hawkes Author

He is also contributing author to ‘coaching in professional contexts’ a case study publication of coaching culture successes. Tim also has a number of articles published in the “Coaching at Work magazine”; and provides regular articles for www.trainingzone.co.uk on the subjects of executive coaching in the workplace.

Career Highlights

Tim Hawkes has worked in the coaching industry for over 11 years; carving out a new approach for companies to improve performance through coaching. Prior to this he worked in the international defence industry. As a chartered Mechanical Engineer team moved quickly into the management of multi-million dollar global defence programmes. His 10 years in the international defence industry gave him a practical approach to solving problems which he brings to his coaching programmes. Tim left the defence industry as he found corporate life unfulfilling and broke away to find his own path.

Unlimited Potential

Unlimited Potential also run a Managing director development club known as The Ultimate CEO. This programme involves getting managing directors together on a regular basis to help them develop themselves and their business; through shared experience and meeting industry experts and speakers. This programme is currently in growth and delivering some great results.
Tim lives in Northamptonshire with his wife and three young children. He enjoys being able to work in a way that allows him to drop off and pick up his kids on most days. When not at work or with his family Tim enjoys restoring and driving classic cars.

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