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Sarah Furness – Founder and CEO of Well Be It |Keynote Speaker |Executive Coach |Helicopter Pilot | Strategist |Thought leader | Human Factors Facilitator | Risk manager.

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After graduating from Cambridge University, Sarah Furness followed her dream to become an RAF helicopter pilot and Squadron leader. She led on operational combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. During her experiences both at home and at war, she learnt that tough capable people don’t always feel as strong as they look. This prompted her to re-train and harness her experience and passion to help people use their impressive (but often mischievous) brains as a force for good.

Sarah Furness Jedi Master

Sarah’s experiences as a combat operational commander, helicopter pilot, mother and mindfulness coach has led her to develop her own unique Healthy Automatic Behaviours In Threatening Scenarios (H.A.B.I.TS.) Formula – a way to train the mind to be a Jedi master under pressure and accomplish zen like levels of self-belief and inner calm.

Keynote Subjects

  • How to keep cool under fire (Train hard, Fight easy)
  • How to be fearless
  • The secret to thriving in difficulty

Her speaking style is robust (she is a combat helicopter pilot and fluent in alpha male), science-based and good-humoured.

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3 reviews for Sarah Furness

  1. Russell Silverman, Silverman Consulting

    Sarah is a phenomenon. She flew helicopters in combat zones for 20 years, crashing the odd one and turning those experiences, that would scare the life out of most of us, into entertaining stories. She’s now helping the world by educating us on how to perform, and thrive under pressure.

  2. Sopra Steria

    Ex-RAF Squadron Leader, Combat Helicopter Pilot, motivational speaker and yoga warrior – just a few ways to describe Sarah Furness, who regaled our Women’s Inclusive Network today with an inspiring account of how she juggled childcare arrangements as a young mother while managing a squadron of helicopter pilots in the Afghanistan war zone. In Sarah’s words: “I help people to discover who they really are, ditch their baggage and unlock their true awesomeness” – we’re sure that you have moved many of our ‘WINners’ to do just that, Sarah!

  3. Jodie Evans,OSM Commercial Manager | Defence Women’s Network Co-Lead at UK Ministry of Defence

    Sarah was our last speaker at IWD for the MOD Women’s Network Annual Event and she was worth the wait. She was inspirational and humble in equal measure. As requested on behalf of not only our committee but also our network members, we will definitely be inviting her back!! These are just some of the comments we received from the attendees: Very engaging and informative, could’ve listened for much longer. She was incredibly inspirational and engaging. Not once did I find myself losing focus. Super motivating and made me feel human. I can’t say how fantastic it was to listen to you today! I started out practicing mindfulness at the start of lockdown in March last year, but with a combination of work, home-schooling and home pressures, I have found life tough recently. You have reminded me of how important it is to continue with practising mindfulness and the long term benefits it has, and more importantly never to give up on yourself! Thank you! Thank you for being so open about your experiences, it’s refreshing to see and hear a successful woman speaking up about her experiences and how you managed to overcome them. I believe mindfulness is underrated but sessions like this coupled with the personal experiences identify how helpful it really is. Thank you Sarah. In amongst the deluge of IWD virtue signalling today, it was a joy to listen to Sarah’s openness about her experiences, and to benefit from her coaching skills. I scribbled down so many tips – thank you!

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