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Ruth Badger


Ruth Badger was raised in Wolverhampton. At the age of 16 she left full time education, with just three GCSE’s; to join a Youth Training Scheme within the Civil Service. During the early years of her career, Ruth worked in various roles to build up her experience; from working for Yates, Wolves Football Club and then to a finance company called Purple Loans.

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Badger’s Big Break

Ruth Badger’s big break came after Purple Loans were bought by one of the world’s biggest companies, GE Capital. Starting with no experience, Ruth quickly excelled and within 18 months she was promoted 4 times. Ruth has been awarded 4 company awards including Employee of the Year based on her performance. In 2002 at the age of 23, Ruth won the accolade of National Employee of the Year for GE Capital. Receiving an all expenses cruise around Europe with the Senior Executives of GE.

North West Apprentice

Not satisfied with her progress and success in 2002; Ruth left GE Capital to join the executive board of a North West finance company called Compass Finance. At the age of 24 Ruth was appointed to Head of Sales and Operations and doubled her earnings. Within 2 years Ruth transformed the company’s performance and turnover; increasing it from 3.1 million to 13.1 million, which led to the flotation of the business in 2004. In 2005 Ruth had the opportunity to apply for “The Apprentice” with Sir Alan Sugar.

Badger or Bust

In 2007, Ruth hosted a hit TV series called “Badger or Bust” which aired in the UK, America, Australia and New Zealand; and to this day she continues to work with the BBC.

Ruth Badger Consultancy

Ruth launched The Ruth Badger Consultancy Ltd in June 2006 after filming “Badger or Bust”. Specialising in helping SME’s start, grow and improve; over the last 7 years The Ruth Badger Consultancy has helped over 350 small businesses launch and over 200 grow and beat the recession.

As a respected and experienced SME Business Expert, Ruth has Partnerships with Towergate Insurance, BBC Radio 4 and

In her 38th year, Ruth Badger is walking proof that a positive attitude can get you where you want to be in business and in life.

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