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Reeta Chakrabarti is a BBC News presenter and correspondent. She combines presenting on the One, Six and Ten O’Clock News on BBC1, with being UK Affairs Correspondent. Reeta has spent most of her career at the BBC, and was previously Education and Social Affairs correspondent. She has also spent many years reporting politics from Westminster.

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Reeta Chakrabarti Making Radio

Reeta started out as a producer on BBC Radio 4, working on the Today Programme, the World at One and PM. She then became a reporter on 5 Live Breakfast, in this role she covered the French presidential elections, and the Dunblane killings.

Community Affairs

She later became a general news correspondent working in TV as well as radio. In 1997, she became the BBC Community Affairs Correspondent, covering the Stephen Lawrence inquest and subsequent public inquiry.

Human Affairs

She has also covered Home Affairs, including the Damilola Taylor murder trial; and Health. During her time at Westminster, Reeta Chakrabarti covered three general elections, and several changes of party leaders. Other notable stories included the cash for honours affair, MP’s expenses and fronting audience reaction pieces, known as the “Worm” after the election leaders’ debates in 2010.

Reeta Chakrabarti Learning Change

On becoming Education Correspondent Reeta Chakrabarti covered changes to university tuition fees; the introduction of free schools, and growth in academies; and changes to exams and the curriculum. She reported from South Korea on why East Asian pupils are far ahead of those in Britain, in international league tables.

Social Affairs

On the social affairs side, Reeta has reported on stories relating to adoption, poverty, and social mobility in the UK. Abroad she has looked at the success of women bankers in India, and why the pace of life in Denmark is healthier than in the UK. She has also done wider pieces looking at the implications on the public of successive budgets, and reported on the death and funeral of Lady Thatcher.

Oxford Degree

Reeta Chakrabarti has also presented on the BBC News Channel, BBC World, and Radio 4’s The World Tonight. She has a degree in English and French from Oxford.

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