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Pete Cohen

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Pete Cohen has the personality and skill that can change people’s lives. Drawing on his talent as a life strategist, human behaviourist, health and fitness professional, motivational speaker, business consultant and best selling author; he has established himself firmly in the personal development field.

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Pete Cohen: Comedian

Pete has great enthusiasm, sense of humour and compassion. He brilliantly communicates with not only his clients, but with a widespread audience through the camera. Pete Cohen is highly qualified in many different areas of psychology, personal development and health and fitness. He has an incredible understanding of people and the limitations they have; that prevent them from living more productive and happier lives. His fun motivational techniques and strategies are used in a way so that people can control their own well being and realise their full potential.

Pete Cohen Life Coach

A regular face on TV, Pete Cohen has presented Think Yourself Slim for This Morning and co-hosted a diet and fitness show with Fern Britton; also for ITV, called Looking Good Feeling Great. Pete has also featured with the This Morning team on a new feature Challenge of a lifetime. Ten women who encountered difficulties in their lives were chosen to take the challenge of their life.

Previously Pete was GMTV’s resident Life Coach and motivator for 5 years; on events such as Inch Loss Island and The Life Coach.  Pete hosted two new shows for ITV and Discovery Health, one as a resident fitness expert presenter Fat Chance and the other hosting his own series The Coach. Pete can be seen as an expert on shows from Trisha and Jerry Springer to BBC News and Sport.

Pete And Sport

In addition to his TV and commercial work, Pete Cohen has been highly respected in the world of sport for many years. He is the peak performance coach to numerous world class sports people, including; Ronnie O’Sullivan, Ian Flanagan, Sally Gunnell and Ellen MacArthur. Pete famously undertook a one on one programme with World Snooker Champion Ronnie O’Sullivan; helping him reach his second World title in 2004.

As founder of the recent Habit Busting, Fear Busting and Lighten Up Weight Loss programmes. Pete has also been recognised as a successful author of ten books; that advise people on losing weight, beating habits and boosting self esteem. His book LIFE DIY launched in 2004 and other titles are now in the works. Including ‘Sort Your Life’ which will be on shelves in the next few months.

Communication Skills

Pete’s skill as a communicator naturally enables him to be a spokesperson within many mediums; and for a variety of brands and programmes. Recently Pete Cohen has worked with Ebay Motors,, Best Western and Camelot. In 2006, Capital One teamed up with Pete for their We make changing easy campaign. They used Pete for PR to provide expert comment through Radio Days, interviews, a sponsored print column, blogs and he also recorded Vodcasts for their website. To create an online community around the campaign and drive people to their micro site.

Pete Cohen Guest Speaker

As a motivational speaker, Pete Cohen presents talks, workshops and seminars to the corporate market. For companies such as IBM, Pfizer, Northern Rock, BAA and Thomas Cook. His interactive and inspiring sessions motivate those interested in the ‘Art of Winning’. Pete is also now a regular media spokesperson; for high profile projects such as Weetabix, Job Centre Re-launch and others.

Key Themes Include

  • Effective communication
  • Getting the balance right
  • Coping with change
  • The art of winning
  • Being part of a world class team
  • Leadership

Formula For Happiness

Over the past few years Pete has been recognised and respected internationally through defining the ‘formula’ for Happiness and another one for Desperation.

This led to the enormous success of the Happiness Campaign, in conjunction with Thomson Holidays and the Desperation idents; attached to the award winning series ‘Desperate Housewives’.  Appearances in person, on the radio and on TV set the public alight. With requests coming from 27 countries around the world including: Brazil, Canada, and Korea. All looking for Pete’s help and endorsements.

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19 reviews for Pete Cohen

  1. Sarah-Jane Hawkins – Chartered Marketer

    Without a doubt the best decision we made. We hired Pete as the guest keynote and motivational speaker for our annual training roadshow. His completely natural and contagious energy was something we’ve never seen before. He totally captivated our audiences with his very open and passionate delivery style. I’d recommend Pete to anyone looking for a speaker within a heartbeat.

  2. Anna Hubbard – GUIDE SPA GUIDE

    Pete presented our 2016 Good Spa Guide Awards to an audience of 450 spa professionals, after they had been in a conference all day. Pete owned the room with tremendous energy. He was positive, powerful and vibrant. We hope to work with Pete again in the future.

  3. John Hearson – Boehringher Ingelheim

    Pete Cohen delivers a unique session which is stimulating but more importantly makes you think about what you do and what you can do differently to achieve a higher level of performance. When other presentations are long forgotten I believe that Pete’s will stick in your mind and make a difference.

  4. Hanna Tiitola – Best Western

    After building a good relationship with Pete Cohen, during a PR campaign earlier in the year, the marketing department felt compelled to invite Pete Cohen to be a motivational keynote speaker at a recent sales conference in Stoke-on-Trent. The focus of the event was ‘working together for success’ and, from a short directional brief, Pete delivered just that, keeping the audience amused and attentive at the end of a two-day conference – no easy task. Comments received after the event from delegates were very positive and we would have no hesitation in recommending him for an event.

  5. Deborah Perry – Boots

    When I invited Pete to our team meeting to give a motivational speech, I knew he was going to be good, but I never imagined by how much he would exceed our expectations. Pete took us all on a personal journey… moving swiftly between intense moments of personal reflection and liberating re-evaluation, to moments of belly laughing humour and tears of delight. Pete seems to speak everyone’s language, highlighting and challenging core and fundamental self limiting beliefs in order to help us free our lighter side. The feel good factor was off the scale straight after the event, but even now, several weeks after the event, there is still a buzz and many broad smiles on peoples faces when they reflect back on the short but impactful time spent with Pete. On a personal note, it will go down as one of the highlights of my working career!

  6. Frances Hayter – International Dove Spa

    I invited Pete to present at our Dove Spa managers conference in front of our entire team. Pete delivered a motivational, inspirational and entertaining talk over a couple of hours. The feedback was fantastic and the team were left on a high. Pete is easy to work with great fun to be with and knows how to inspire and challenge his audience to really look at themselves and think differently about life.

  7. Ian Bailey Resort – Lifehouse Destination Spa

    Pete is one of those rare people that connects with everyone on a variety of levels. He has added huge value to what we are building on at Lifehouse be it from a commercial perspective but more importantly from a people point of view. Motivating, inspirational, fun & honest. If your business & people need an injection of reality or a new lease of life I strongly recommend you link in with Pete.

  8. Greg Scileppi – Robert Half International

    Pete delivered an outstanding program to all of our top performing employees. All left the meetings motivated and energised to take their games to the next level!

  9. Rich Burden – Life Fitness

    Pete recently presented at our Company conference and Sales kick. This provided everybody with a different look at their lifestyle and personal motivation. Very entertaining and made people really look at the value they add, both personally and commercially.

  10. Todd Hewitt, Spa Director at Four Seasons Hotels

    Meeting Pete the first time was amazing. His energy and sense of humour (both about himself and about life in general) was an instant hit with our crowd! He quickly blended in with the group, creating a more unified team, helping us to reach our goals. Thanks Pete for that and we look forward to working with you again soon!

  11. Michael Schemmert, CEO at Babor

    Pete not only was a great performer, but a thought provoking presenter who called people to action. He has the skill and ability to deliver a powerful and resonating message. Pete’s messages spark a level of motivation and inspiration in people.

  12. Lesley Bacon – Hand Picked Hotels

    I have been to a number of Pete’s workshops and have taken my team to some too, they are high energy, inclusive without being intimidating, humours and most of all have an impact on the audience.

  13. Chris Chugg – Boehringher Ingelheim

    Pete Cohen is an excellent coach and a great example of how to motivate yourself for change. He worked with our senior management team at a major conference and this showed how effectively he could home in on what needs to happen and then to galvanise people to make a positive change. Good fun too.

  14. Michael Schummert – CEO at Babor

    In November 2010 Pete Cohen joined us for an international conference with participants from more than 40 different countries. Aim of the conference was to implement our new company vision to all our partners. Pete is an outstanding motivator and brilliant coach who made our conference a remarkable event. Furthermore Pete Cohen assisted actively in transporting change management and critical issues thus transforming old structures into new ways of thinking and committing to new corporate strategies. We received all positive and enthusiastic feedback from all conference delegates. Pete’s enthusiasm has been a significant contribution to create a team spirit which surely will increase our performance and potential. We thank Pete for his excellent job and for his friendly and warm attitude that made our conference a great success.

  15. Christine Wild – Babor

    We just came back from our International Conference, where about 60 representatives from 45 countries participated. This group is an amazing round of fascinating people, however, sometimes it is challenging to make sure that a message arrives as intended. We invited Pete to this three days event and asked him beforehand to help us with the following tasks:- To assist that attendees focus on a certain topics and really commit- To convert tough tasks into a real mindset, enabling people to truly adapt things at home once they left the conference- To translate very dry topics into a different, entertaining mode. Pete fulfilled all three tasks with superb skill, added with his great personality a very positive spirit and enhanced the power of the conference substantially. He got frenetic applause at the end and our team and the conference participants were very sure: we will invite Peter again for our next event. I could recommend his services strongly!

  16. Eugene Stack – CPM

    I support quite a few of my colleagues and it was amazing to hear them talking about ‘the Duck’ in their heads on Friday. You have had a tremendous impact on a lot of people Pete and made them aware of the voice in their own heads. This will be a huge benefit to each of them going forward.

  17. Alex Gibson – Nice Agency

    Pete was brilliant. He is an arresting speaker, who effortlessly commands the attention of the room, and prompts the audience to make a number of resolutions on the spot. I left his presentation feeling incredibly energised.

  18. Fritha Hookway – Topshop

    Pete’s talk was super inspiring. He has a way of flipping difficult challenges into exciting opportunities with simple changes to the way we think about them

  19. Jay Orlean-Taub – Quintessential Brands

    Pete was extremely inspiring, engaging and really simplified the process of how one can change and adapt for the better, achieving goals they never expected. I left the talk with a burst of positive encouragement and little red duck to keep me on track.

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