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Oz Clarke


As well as being one of the UK’s favourite experts in wine on TV, Oz Clarke is fantastic at corporate wine tasting events; where he speaks about wines from around the globe. Oz has spoken at some of the world’s most prestigious food and wine events; including the Wine Experience in New York and San Francisco and at a Boston Wine Expo.

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Oz Clarke Speaker

Wine expert and TV presenter Oz Clarke has showcased his expertise in a variety of TV series and a number of books. A best selling author, Clarke has become one of the most popular after dinner speakers at wine tasting and alcohol industry events across the globe.

Acting Start

Graduating from Oxford University Oz Clarke’s first profession was as an actor, singer and TV presenter. Appearing in a variety of West End shows including Sweeney Todd and The Mitford Girls and also worked as part of the prestigious RSC. Despite having always been interested in wine – spending several years as the captain of the Oxford University Wine Tasting Team. It took some time before Oz eventually found himself bringing his personal and professional passions together; and it was not until being drafted into the English Wine Tasting Team. that Clarke’s career as a wine expert began to take shape.

TV Tasting

Clarke quickly became notorious amongst the acting world for his love and knowledge of wine. When a wine expert dropped out of a production of the BBC’s Food and Drink series; the series’ producer is said to have cried “get me that actor who knows about wine!” – and thus Oz Clarke’s career as a wine connoisseur and TV presenter finally kicked off.

Oz And Jilly

Working alongside fellow wine fanatic and TV presenter Jilly Goolden, Oz Clarke quickly found himself one of the most recognised faces in the food and drink broadcasting, Having already spent several years working as the wine correspondent for The Daily Telegraph and as The Sunday Express’ first ever wine writer Clarke’s fame increased exponentially and within a few short years he found himself hosting his own television series as well as working alongside some of the most infamous television and radio presenters in the UK.

Tasting Teams

Since the mid 1990’s Oz Clarke has worked prolifically across British broadcasting. Working as a TV and radio presenter, guest expert and host. He manned several BBC Radio 4 series, including The Wine Programme and has appeared alongside James May and Hugh Dennis; in a variety of wine and alcohol related shows.

In addition to his work as a TV presenter, Oz is also a best-selling author; and has written a number of popular books including; Oz Clarke’s Wine Guide, which won the Wine Magazine Book of the Year Award.

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