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Mark Baker


Mark Baker Expert in Sales and Motivation. Mark is widely regarded as one of the world’s most sought after speakers; but that description barely scratches the surface of what he really delivers. Because he is a sales speaker, a Success & Mindset speaker and one of THE most inspirational Speakers you will ever hear in your entire life!

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Mark Baker: Speaker

Some speakers will inspire you with talks of how others have overcome adversity; but few have a personal story that will change your life as Mark Baker will.

Long Lasting Change

Companies who want long lasting change and success for their company and staff hire Mark time and time again. Because he delivers real world tools, techniques and info, that transforms both lives and business. Your company will be immersed in one of the most powerful experiences, which is guaranteed to deliver the long lasting change and results that may have eluded you up until now.

So whether you participate in Life without limits or Success without limits or the ground breaking Secrets of sales success. You are guaranteed to hear the world’s most ground breaking personal development and business success talks and seminars available[ anywhere in the world today!

You Can Do It!

Mark Baker knows that “If he can do it, then you most definitely can”. Because he didn’t just start from behind, he was out of sight! After enduring a life of physical and mental abuse and having zero self confidence, zero self belief and zero self esteem. Mark Baker went on to become one of the youngest managers in his company and then one of the top 1% of sales people in the world. From his spare bedroom with no staff!

Mark Baker Beating Cancer

Mark believes that his entire life path has been to study what makes people succeed and the immense untapped human resources that we all have; was all to help him beat the challenge none of us ever wants to face “CANCER”. Because he didn’t just beat it, he helped countless people in the chemotherapy wards change the way they think and give them the best chance of beating cancer. While he was being treated for his own, with massive doses of intravenous and spinal chemotherapy and radiation.

So if you want to…

  • Dramatically increase sales
  • Create a powerful mindset and propel yourself to the next level of business or personal success.
  • Or immerse your people in long lasting inspiration that WILL move them to lasting action.

Mark Baker is the man!

Baker’s Background

Mark Baker knows a thing or two about sales and mindset, after enduring nearly 20 years of physical and mental abuse Mark dropped out of school with no qualifications and got a job in a local supermarket packing customers shopping, five years later he was the store manager!

Wanting more of a challenge he got into the world of selling, he started with 19 other recruits as a commission only life insurance salesman and by month 11 he was the only one left, after a few years of mediocre performance Mark made a decision, if he was going to remain in the business then he was going to be one of the best, he traveled all over the world and devoured every book there was on selling but nothing improved until he made a startling discovery, everything that he had read or listened to sounded good but didn’t work! Why? Because the people speaking and teaching for the most part either had never sold or hadn’t sold anything for years.

Sales Mentors

Mark then embarked on a mission to learn how the real successes did it; and spent considerable time tracking down the worlds top sales people and asking them to be his mentors. Whether it was his youthful expectation or his determination that got them to agree we will never know; but the rest as they say is history.

Marks mentors were THE two top sales people in the world at the time, Joe Gandolfo who personally sold more life insurance in a year than 1500 of the 1800 insurance companies in America; and Ben Feldman, the quietly spoken Million Dollar Round Table member who was recognised as the top life insurance salesman in the world.

Within 17 months Mark had qualified in the top 1% of sales people in the world. With his success in sales Mark was getting asked to speak more and more; to share his story of sales success. But something emerged that made the audience realise that sales skills were only at best, half of the story. It was mindset that was the key to long term success in any field; and Marks extreme early life challenges had prepared him well for a life in selling.

Mark Baker Teacher

Now Mark travels the world teaching individuals and groups including Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies. How to succeed with not only his world class infield sales skills; but also how to create a winning mindset for success in life and business.

Mark’s mindset was never put to the test in a more powerful way, than when he faced the challenge nobody wants to face; the challenge of beating cancer! Mark endured 6 months of the strongest chemotherapy, including the dreaded intrathecal chemotherapy. Which had to be injected into his spine; to prevent the cancer spreading to his brain as he had blood cancer. A treatment so strong that three nurses have to accompany the syringe to the room and are not permitted to put it down until it has to be given; nothing can be made in the laboratory at the same time! And if you move within two hours of this spinally chemotherapy; two weeks of blinding headaches follow, which no medication can fix.

Chemo Chair

The hospital was so amazed at how Mark handled the treatment; that they would send patients to him to help them feel better. Sometimes there would be several patients sitting around Mark, while he was receiving his chemotherapy. He would teach them how to perceive what was happening to them and how to mentally prepare for the fight.

One time while a group of several people were sitting around Marks chemo chair. The nurse who was administering one of the very large chemotherapy syringes which was filled with red liquid; casually said, “This is the one that can damage your heart”. The patients around Marks chair looked at him in horror; Mark looked at the nurse and simply replied “But not this heart” and smiled at the other patients!

So if you want a keynote speaker or personal mentor that has actually seen massive success in sales and has had one of the biggest challenges ever placed on his mindset and physical well being; make Mark Baker your next choice.

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