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As our world grows ever smaller and more connected, it’s easier to travel, but harder to find true adventure. Enter Lucy Shepherd. At twenty-eight years old, Lucy is at the forefront of modern exploration. From mountains, to rainforests, to the Arctic, she has plotted a thrilling, inimitable path for herself. She documents her endeavours, both to share them with captivated audiences, to show the effects of climate change.

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Aged only twenty-three, Lucy Shepherd was inducted as a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society, a historic body who supported the work of historic figures such as Charles Darwin, Edmund Hillary, and Scott of the Antarctic. She is also the youngest member of the council of the Scientific Exploration Society, one of the world’s oldest exploration charities.

Lucy Shepherd Explorer

Extreme explorer, Lucy, tells stories of adventure from the jungle, the high mountains and the arctic. Lucy shares her secrets on how to stay positive when the going gets tough, facing the odds and achieving your goal no matter how ambitious it might be!

Lucy Shepherd Environmentalist

A dedicated environmentalist, Lucy is, above all, driven by a desire to educate about the fragile state of our planet. She does this through an illustrated blog on her website, by engaging with her young fan base through Instagram and YouTube channel and fascinating crowds during her many speaking engagements.

Lucy’s thrilling accounts of her expeditions show clear resilience but what is surprising is how her leadership has developed over the years. Lucy is determined to prove that we are all capable of being resilient and taking on hurdles and challenges that we may have thought were impossible in the past.

Kanuku Mountains

In 2021 Lucy completed a 253 mile (407km) trek across the Amazon’s Kanuku mountains. It took her and her support team 50 days to complete the east-to-west journey through the wild terrain. Her next expedition is to explore the Arctic in 2022

Motivational Speaker

Lucy’s inspirational and adrenaline talk provides both motivation and escapism. Lucy discusses multiple topics within her epic tales of adventures and her leadership and teamwork skill set comes across throughout. Her key messages woven within her talk are the ability to face adversity head on; following your dreams and the importance of positivity, creativity and curiosity. With an ever-growing media profile, many places left to visit, and millions still to educate. You can be certain that she will continue to be a vital presence on the world stage for decades to come.

“She injected us with her enthusiasm” Jo Middleton, Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

“Lucy was wonderful, thank you so much for your help” PricewaterhouseCoopers online presentation 2021

“Fantastic 45 minutes spent today with Lucy Shepherd. Lucy provided some much needed respite and positivity; by giving us a taste of her world of intrepid exploration and travel. Thank you Lucy for giving all of us a peek into your world”. Marissa Thomas Member of Management Board PwC UK

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