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A published author, Katie King is a keynote speaker and management consultant who specialises in marketing, STEM, AI and digital business transformation. Katie focuses on helping businesses to adapt to the changing business world, which involves her regularly consulting everyone from CEOs and MDs to HR, Sales and marketing teams. With a wealth of experience coaching leading organisations and business leaders such as Sir Richard Branson, Harrods, 02, Orange, Arsenal FC, Accenture, PA consulting, NHS trusts and universities, Katie has over 30 years of experience in consulting experience and is regularly booked as a speaker for a range of corporate events.

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An internationally sought management consultant, Katie King has delivered two TEDx talks and has become a frequent commentator on BBC TV and radio; where she provides advice and opinions on business transformation. When she’s not consulting and speaking, Katie is also an established author who authored Using Artificial Intelligence in Marketing: How to Harness AI and Maintain the Competitive Edge, published in 2019.

Katie King AI Author

In 2022 she is releasing her second book, titled AI Strategy for Sales and Marketing: Connection Marketing, Sales and Customer Experience. Her first book was translated into various languages, making it an international bestseller; and it has also been listed as a reference source in the AI Leadership AI Toolkit for Corporate Boards from the World Economic Forum.

Digital Transformation

Katie King has held many important roles throughout her career and prior to setting up her first venture in 2002, she held the role of Director of Text 100 and CEO of AI in Marketing and Zoodikers. As the South East and East Anglia chairperson of PRCA, she trained their members on topics surrounding digital transformation.

Parliamentary Group Task Force

She has also acted as a member of the UK Government All-Party Parliamentary Group Task Force for the Adoption of AI; and an Editorial Board Member for the AI and Ethics Journal. She has also acted as the Group Chairperson for the UK PR Industry Trade Body. A role in which she has trained social and digital professionals to abide by best industry practices.

Katie King Public Speaker

Now highly sought as a speaker, Katie King is regularly invited to corporate events, conferences and gala dinners; due to her engaging, empathetic and candid approach. Katie can discuss a variety of topics surrounding the importance of being agile and innovative. Which she demonstrates by using current global examples from business and academic experts.

Women in Business

Katie is passionate about sharing her views of women in business; from girls who do coding to women in STEM and women on corporate boards. Having spoken across the globe in Europe, Oman, China, Bahrain and many more locations; Katie King is the perfect choice when looking for an expert to speak on AI, leadership, business transformation, marketing and digital media.

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