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One of the UK’s best known physicists, Professor Brian Cox OBE has featured on a multitude of TV shows; making all aspects of science engaging and accessible to millions. Brian’s down to earth persona during his time on screen, has made him highly desirable for all sorts of productions; proving testament to his ability to create intriguing content on many topic areas.

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TV Credits

Brian’s hugely popular TV shows includes Wonders of the Solar System, Wonders of the Universe and Stargazing. With books accompanying his many TV features; Brian Cox has created a reputation for himself as a leading authority in the field. Speaking and acting as a TV presenter on everything from Atoms, Planets and Microbiology; Professor Cox has assembled an impressive portfolio of media productions that have only heightened his TV acumen.

Brian Cox Speaker

Speaking in a number of high profile events including TED in the US and the World Economic Forum in Davos. Brian’s compelling presentations as a tech speaker have provided through provoking scenarios for thousands of inspired audience members. Featuring awe inspiring images of the deepest sections of the universe. Brian’s infectious enthusiasm for his topic areas, including sustainability, the environment and outer space; is immediately apparent and will be sure to entertain guests for the entirety of his talks.

Tech Speaker

Professor Brian Cox uses leading tech to recreate the nano seconds after the big bang for his listeners. Hoping to ‘reveal the underlying simplicity of the universe’; Brian strives to make even some of the most complicated areas of science relatable to all.

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6 reviews for Brian Cox

  1. Lyrical Communications

    Brian was excellent – he did everything we asked of him and was genuinely interested in what our client was doing.

  2. Waters limited

    Prof Brian Cox was an absolute superstar! It was by far the best presentation I’ve ever seen. Prof Cox was charming, entertaining and enthusiastic to everybody he met. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anybody. What a fantastic night.

  3. Glasgow Science Centre

    From the moment he arrived at Glasgow Science Centre he was utterly generous with his time and expertise. The audience was a very mixed group of people – including over 40 professors (which Brian loved) – and every last person was spellbound by his presentation. The last slide of his presentation generated a lot of discussion, and is in fact still being talked about by our Science team. As you can imagine everyone wanted to meet and talk to Brian and he could not have been more obliging and genuinely interested in meeting them. I do think he would have been happy to spend all night chatting had I not ‘bullied’ him into a taxi at 12.30am! Nothing was too much trouble – questions, autographs, photographs…

  4. Hitachi Data Systems

    Brian was a massive pull factor in getting people along to the event and he didn’t disappoint. Everyone I spoke to said he was fascinating. The hour flew by, could have quite happily watched another hour!

  5. Southend-on-Sea Borough Council

    Professor Cox was the ideal person to give the inaugural lecture at The Forum Southend-on-Sea – a joint public and academic library and learning hub – because of his ability to appeal all ages and all levels of learning. He proved this magnificently throughout his lecture. The fact that he was coming to speak at the Forum created a huge buzz of excitement in the borough beforhand. Tickets for his talk in the lecture theatre and live-streamed broadcast in a neighbouring room all sold out within ten minutes of becoming available.Those who attended the event were thrilled and captivated, and it emphasised to them that they had been present at the start of something very big. The Forum Southend-on-Sea is a momentous project, and Professor Cox’s lecture was of a fabulously and fittingly momentous calibre.

  6. Imago Techmedia

    Brian’s presentation was fascinating. You can see from the flurry of social media activity and from the feedback we have had from the delegates, he was received immensely well. He was a delight to work with and very open to the audience and to the media.

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