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Andrew Neil


Andrew Neil is a publisher, writer, broadcaster and guest speaker. He is CEO and Editor in Chief of Press Holdings, owner of The Spectator. On screen he presents the BBC’s ‘This Week’ and ‘Daily Politics’; off screen he is Chairman of ITP and serves on the international advisory board of Al Jazeera.

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Andrew Neil & Politics

Andrew started out in Edward Heath’s Government; as political adviser to the Secretary of State for the Environment. He then gained a foot hold in the media; and began to present features for ‘Tomorrow’s World’ and the ‘Today’ show. After a spell as a US correspondent and then a section editor for The Economist; Andrew took over the helm at The Sunday Times.

Next he presided over the launch of Murdoch’s Sky TV and launched his own radio show. A widely respected opinion leader, he also served as Executive Chairman of Sky, and Executive Editor of Fox TV News.

Andrew Neil: Speaker

Andrew Neil’s worldwide experience, coupled with his innate understanding of the media; makes him a first class speaker over a wide range of topics. Including his dramatic vision of the future world of work, e-commerce and the future for Europe.

He pin points the new qualities needed and changes required, that are essential to be successful in the future. It is his ability to provoke discussion and challenge how people think, that makes him a formidable communicator and leader.

Speech Topics

  • Change Management
  • Digital & Online Business
  • The Political Landscape
  • Business Strategy
  • Economic Overview
  • Emerging Markets (BRIC+)

Speech Titles

  • Doing Business in the Information Age
  • The Political and Business Landscape

Witty & Insightful

Andrew Neil is a witty and insightful speaker on; the IT revolution, competing in the electronic world, leadership, the learning organisation, change, European economy and monetary union. As well as being a versatile commentator, on British and US politics and business; Andrew enjoys a ring side seat on all major developments in the media and tech.

GB News

On 25 September 2020, Neil announced his exit from the BBC to become chairman of GB News, a news channel launched on 13 June 2021. He also presents a prime time evening programme on the channel.Two weeks after the channel’s launch he announced he would be taking a break

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