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Adrian Webster is a highly entertaining motivational speaker. Who specialises in delivering key messages on behalf of clients, in a humorous and completely unique, down to earth style; that audiences can easily relate to.

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Adrian Webster: Speaker

Adrian is regarded by many as one of Europe’s leading authorities on sales motivation; he is without doubt one of its most exciting keynote speakers!

Adrian Webster is one of the most popular guest speakers in the UK today. He knows how to inspire everyday people into making a very real difference. He mixes raw enthusiasm, with his vast amount of hands on experience; as a motivator, team builder and sales person, to unleash a cocktail of addictive inspiration.

This high impact ‘entertainment’ delivery style, is not only fun and motivating; it is new, innovative, extremely useful and truly effective.

A Remarkable Life

The son of a Yorkshire coal miner, Adrian Webster started off his varied career as a Police Officer in St Paul’s – Bristol. Leaving soon after the ‘St Paul’s Riots’ to go back to school, and be President of Southampton Student’s Drama. Fed up with being a poor student; he spent the next four years building up a highly successful dairy business from nothing. By knocking on thousands of doors, persuading families to buy his milk!

Having established the dairy business, he went to the USA on holiday; but soon found himself working as a DJ and Lifeguard. On his return to the UK, he worked on local radio in Bristol. To help fund his career Adrian started selling a wide range of products, from frozen food to houses. He quickly found he could make some real money in sales and began to take selling seriously. The part time sales side, soon took over as his full time career.

In 1987 he moved into IT sales, and by 1989 he had established himself; as one of the best sales people in the industry. After two great years as Corporate Sales Manager of US Robotics; he joined Northamber Plc. an IT distributor, as Group Sales and Training Manager. Responsible (over a five year period) for successfully recruiting, training and driving 150 sales staff to achieve success.

Research of Success

It was during this time that Adrian found his ability to inspire others. To build and develop teams; from people of little or no ability or experience, into some of the best in the industry. Fuelled by a desire to understand what makes people successful; he set about researching some of the UK’s most successful people. Ranging from business leaders and sports people, to show business celebs.

This six years of research, combined with his colourful career and varied experience; forms the basis of his fascinating and eye opening speech. Adrian shares with the audience, his ideas on the characters that he has identified in most teams and businesses. They include among others: Neg Ferrets, Bloaters, Sinkers, Jaffa Gaffas and Polar Bear Pirates; all of which most people will easily recognise!

So What Now?

Today, as well as being a professional speaker, Adrian Webster works as a consultant. Devising team building and motivational programmes – for both sales and non sales teams. He also works with a select number of business and sports clients, as a development coach.

Over the past few years, in his spare time Adrian has played several small roles, on TV and radio. He has started writing for TV and done the odd ‘TV warm up man’ bit (when his arm has been twisted).

Books & Publications

His first book is ‘Polar Bear Pirates And Their Quest To Reach Fat City’; which is a unique experience. It has the appearance and feel of a child’s book; but contained within, is a new universe of characters and terminology. That anyone striving for success (in whatever they do), will soon recognise and be able to relate to.

Adrian Webster brings to life a group of characters called ‘Polar Bear Pirates’. Who do battle with obstacles, in the likes of Sinkers, Neg Ferrets and Bloaters, along the road to success. What is at the end of the road? Well it’s Fat City. It is where the winners want to be.

You will immediately relate to the characters, viruses and terms in the book. Whether categorising yourself or your colleagues and friends. We have all dealt with Neg Ferrets and Bloaters… we just didn’t know what they were called before. But it’s more than just a laugh and a light read.

Although highly engaging and entertaining, Adrian Webster also gives you the tools to become the success you want to be. ‘Polar Bear Pirates’ is a completely unique, easy, quick and fun book to read. It unravels complex motivational issues and delivers powerful messages. Providing career and business advice in a new, simple and engaging way.

If you are looking for a guest speaker on: Motivation, Leadership, Sales, Change, Communication, Customer Service, Creating Winners; and want someone your audience will relate to; who really can deliver lasting messages in a unique, inspiring and entertaining way.

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10 reviews for Adrian Webster

  1. Clive Woodward, England World-Cup winning RU Coach

    A great laugh, really inspiring and very true to life.

  2. Evening Standard

    A motivating and inspiring guide on how to succeed in life and how to deal with various characters you may meet along the way, whether they prove to be friend or foe.

  3. Dave Webb. IBM (UK) Ltd

    Just great! Highly motivating, completely different and a lot of fun!

  4. Mary deSausmarez – Demon Internet

    What an impact! Hilarious and extremely informative. In one evening more was gained than from years of attending sales seminars.

  5. Andy Greening – ISA International Plc

    The entire audience was absolutely enthralled by Adrian, his unique, energetic, down to earth and entertaining style really did make a huge and lasting impact.

  6. Sue Barker – Tennis Player and TV Presenter

    Captivating, energetic, hilarious and absolutely unique.

  7. Jacqueline Gold – Ann Summers

    Extremely motivating, entertaining, powerful, different and effective.

  8. Tim Waygood – MotivAction PLC

    Adrian truly administered an adrenaline injection, everyone here is buzzing.

  9. Rudy M de Pagter – Imtrade, Netherlands

    One word – brilliant!

  10. Steve Deakin – Metroskill Training

    The audience is not only stimulated by Adrian, it’s electrified!

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