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Tom Rosenthal


Tom Rosenthal is an English comedian, film and television actor. He is a regular on the comedy circuit and is seen as a rising comic star. Tom has burst onto the comedy scene with a clutch of award wins and roles in two cult sitcoms. Tom’s whimsical, high-energy act, and warm, amiable persona has become a firm audience favourite; within a very short space of time on the live scene.

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Tom Rosenthal: Famous Dad

The son of sports presenter Jim Rosenthal, Tom doesn’t shy away from his famous connections, rather he points out his father’s, and all sports commentators’, habit of exaggeration and abundance of metaphors. His mother also works in the media Christine “Chrissy” Smith, a former Newsnight producer.

Total Pleb

Tom is one of the stars of Channel 4’s family sitcom Friday Night Dinner; as well as the ITV Roman-era comedy Plebs. He also appeared in the acclaimed production of Arnold Wesker’s Chicken Soup with Barley at the Royal Court Theatre; and has done voice over work for Comedy Central.

Proper Gooner

He is an avid Arsenal F.C. fan and has appeared on Playback Media podcast “Footballistically Arsenal”; alongside Boyd Hilton, Jack Whitehall and Dan Baldwin. In which Rosenthal spoke about smoking a discarded cigarette in the Nou Camp. He often eats and discusses food while appearing on the podcast.

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