Sam Harland

Sam Harland

Sam Harland’s unique, observational humour, is drawn from his working class roots. He is able to engage his audience in a warm, quick-witted and friendly manner. Sam’s material is self-deprecating, ironic and honest, particularly in relation to his colourful past escapades.

Sam Harland Circuit Comic

Sam Harland has worked all the countries’ leading comedy clubs. He is considered one of the best comperes in the country, using his ability to chat and relate to the audience in front of him with hilarious consequences.


After surviving two rehabs, various detention centres and a childhood on the streets of Hull, Sam draws on his wealth of experience to bring you a humorously cynical (yet optimistic) slant on life. Sharp witted and charismatic, Sam has been performing stand-up since 2006 and is a real audience pleaser. He is the consummate professional and delivers constantly. His popularity among his audience and fellow comedians is well deserved.

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