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Welsh comic Max Boyce is best known for his bouncy, enthusiastic character, a large vegetable leek and his famous red & white scarf, professing his love of Rugby (Wales in particular). His personality and charming stories has endured him to audiences all over Britain.

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Max Boyce: Musical Comedy

There are not many people who have filled the Royal Albert Hall, the London Palladium; and broken box office records all over Great Britain. Part of Max Boyce’s success is that he has never laughed at the Welsh people but always with them. His humour, never spiteful or hurtful, even when taunting the English, the lances are not barbed, there is no bitterness. No-one, however, has really explained his success and perhaps we shouldn’t try.

Great Entertainer

Max Boyce has what all great entertainers have; an appearance and style that is all his own and belongs to him alone. Max can be mistaken for no-one else. He is wonderfully unique and his concerts are as one London critic remarked; “Not so much an evening of music, more of an evening out with an eccentric Welsh friend”. It is an experience that is enriching as it is inspiring.

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