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Joe Pasquale is a great British Comedian with the misfortune of possessing a voice which has been described as; “a cartoon waterfowl” and “a demented helium balloon”.

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Joe Pasquale: Comedian

Holiday camps were where Joe Pasquale was able to finally work on his comedy talent; and develop his natural chirpy cockney personality. He had left school to join the Civil Service working in the Department of Transport and Environment; before moving to Smithfields meat market and then on to the motoring giants at Fords in Dagenham. Another spell was spent working on building sites; but inside the comedian was just bursting to get out.

Greencoat Joe

Joe’s entry into comedy came via working as a Greencoat at Warner’s holiday camp. He started entering numerous talent competitions (like his father before him); and in 1987 he came second in the New Faces Final. “I won New Faces, (the television talent show) in 1993 and then waited, but nothing happened,” he said. “It was the time of ‘alternative comedy’ but now everything has changed. People now want a laugh and that is what I hope I can give them”. This was the start of what has been, in his words: “A fantastic life. I’m just wondering when my career is going to begin”.

Working The Audience

His time working in holiday camps in Torquay and Great Yarmouth helped him understand how to work an audience. For two years he was entertainments manager at a holiday camp and hovered on the brink of national success.

Joe Pasquale On Video & Print

Joe’s first video had sales of more than £1,000,000 and earned him a Platinum Retail Performance Award; and he has recorded four videos as well as co-writing The Big Thick Joe Pasquale Book.

Live Comedy

Joe Pasquale is Britain’s top ‘live’ comedian, selling out theatres all round the country. He has many die-hard fans including Frank Skinner, Johnny Vaughan and the Royal Family. He has been likened to Tommy Cooper.

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