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Gail Porter is one of the UK’s best loved presenters and television personalities. She’s been a regular panellist, presenter and narrator on our screens for years. Gail juggles her presenting & hosting work number with other obligations, including regularly performing stand up comedy around the country. Gail has had her challenges. While enjoying a successful career as a television presenter, personality and model. She suffered from self-doubt, anxiety, depression and anorexia. As well as experiencing post-natal depression, alopecia, self-harm, divorce and homelessness.

Gail Porter beginnings

Having been rejected as a proposed presenter for ‘Blue Peter’, Gail Porter went on to become a regular face on our TV screens presenting and appearing on shows such as T.I.G.S, MegaMag, Up For It!, Children in Need, Fully Booked, The Movie Chart Show, Top of the Pops, The Gadget Show, Blankety Blank, Live & Kicking and programmes such as The Big Breakfast and Gail Porter’s Big 90s for VH1. Later taking on Celebrity Big Brother and Dead Famous.


In the late 1990s she began to pose for magazines such as FHM. A nude photograph of Gail was famously projected on the Houses of Parliament as part of a guerrilla marketing campaign encouraging people to vote for her in the FHM Sexiest Women Poll. In her autobiography, Porter says she did not know about the stunt until it was reported the following day. She later said that the incident left her so distraught that she was unable to get out of bed for a long time. Gail has gone on to lead an extremely interesting, challenging life.

Mental Health campaigner

Many people are familiar with her struggle with alopecia, which has left her completely and irreversibly bald. Something Gail’s bravely embraced. Refusing to wear a wig; a real champion for body positivity and diversity. Gail talks in an extremely engaging, humorous manner on a number of subjects – she speaks openly about her own issues, whilst her warm, friendly nature makes her a fantastic host and moderator.

Edinburgh-born and London-based Gail speaks from the heart about the ups and downs of her life and career – and in particular her experiences of mental health illness to help organisations and individuals understand how to support those experiencing problems.​Courage, authenticity, resilience, kindness, making a difference. These are all qualities we see in Gail Porter – and qualities which individuals and organisations can learn from her.

​In her brave and frank talks, Gail discusses topics such as: mental health, improving workplace wellbeing, developing resilience, facing fears, self-belief, creating a culture of kindness.

Gail Porter Host & Speaker

Gail was the subject of the BAFTA Scotland award-winning BBC documentary ‘Being Gail Porter.’  She now bravely shares her story to help individuals and organisations better understand these issues which are increasingly prevalent in today’s world and workplace. As a motivational speaker and an ambassador for several charities, she shows others how to overcome adversity, be more resilient and make a difference in the world. A powerful, authentic voice, Gail always has a big impact wherever she goes, and is available to speak at events around the world, as well as work in collaboration with suitable brands to help promote their products.

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  1. NHS Awards

    Gail was absolutely fabulous, no other words required!!

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