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Eddie Izzard is one of the world’s best-known stand up comedians, touring and performing internationally in various languages. She is also a popular film and stage actor, a charity fundraiser, and activist. From running 43 marathons in 51 days with only six weeks training to learning to perform her stand-up shows in French and German to combining comedy, drama and political activism, Eddie Izzard’s career defies simple definition, and sometimes belief. She speaks about how she’s achieved all that she has and what lessons can be learned.

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One of the most celebrated comics of her generation since the early nineties; Eddie Izzard has an equally stellar reputation as a film, television and stage actor. Starting her career in a double-act whilst at university, Eddie was a street performer before moving to stand-up.

Eddie Izzard Cult Following

After a few years of performing her reputation for unique, energetic, thoughtful yet stream-of-consciousness performances grew. Building a cult following in the UK and the US, her shows became huge successes live, on TV (a medium she largely shunned when building her career) and on DVD. She broke new ground by learning and performing her shows in French and then German; she would later also perform in Spanish, Russian and Arabic.

Stage & Screen

Eddie has an impressive list of stage and screen credits ranging from plays by David Mamet and Christopher Marlow to films including Shadow of the Vampire, Ocean’s Twelve (and Thirteen), Victoria & Abdul, and Valkyrie, to acclaimed television series including Hannibal, Treasure Island, and The Riches.

Stand Up Comedy

Izzard’s world-renowned stand-up shows include Unrepeatable, Definite Article, Glorious and Dress to Kill; which earned her a New York Drama Desk Award and two Emmys. Eddie now tours her shows in four languages English, French, German and Spanish in countries all over the world. She completed her most recent global tour, Wunderbar, in 2020, to wide critical acclaim.

Eddie Izzard Movie Highlights

Highlights from Izzard’s film career include Boychoir, Valkyrie, Ocean’s Thirteen and Ocean’s Twelve, Across the Universe, Mystery Men, Shadow of the Vampire, The Cat’s Meow and most recently Victoria and Abdul alongside Judi Dench. On television, she has appeared most notably in the crime noir series, Powers, in Bryan Fuller’s series, Hannibal and in the critically acclaimed FX Networks series, The Riches.

Award Nomination

In 2010, Believe: The Eddie Izzard Story received an Emmy Award nomination. Her companion-piece autobiography, Believe Me, entered the top ten in the Sunday Times Best-seller list and the New York Times Best-seller list.

Eddie Izzard Charity Campaigner

A venerable charity campaigner, Eddie has completed marathons all over the world raising over £4 million for Sport Relief. During the 2021 lockdown, she completed an incredible 31 virtual marathons and 31 streamed gigs in 31 days; to raise money for her “Make Humanity Great Again” campaign. 2021 also saw the release of Eddie’s first co-written film, the thriller Six Minutes To Midnight.

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