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The Cosmic Sausages have now been performing for 25 years and have performed literally 1000’s of shows in a plethora of situations; including stadiums, festivals, weddings, parties, bar mitzvah’s funerals and garden fetes. With a repertoire of hundreds of songs, melodies and theme tunes, the Cosmic Sausages take their audience on a madcap musical tour of the world, meeting up with James Bond, Serge Gainsbourg, the Mafia, deranged cowboys, faith-healers, Cossacks and overacting pop-stars along the way.

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Appearing first as a gentle folk band and armed only with acoustic instruments, close harmonies and a shared vision of the surreal, the Cosmic Sausages ambush their audience with a sustained barrage of pop classics, mixing theatre, circus, slapstick, competitions, crowd participation and insane walkabouts.

Close Up Music

The band circulate the tables or groups with the a la carte menu, which features hundreds of songs and Melodies. The guests have to choose, Its normally one song per table and the list includes every style of music in the world, one song from every country in the world (almost!) but if there’s nothing on there that they like and they have a special song that moves their heart the band promise to attempt it no matter what it is: that’s the sort of consummate professionals they are!

There’s everything there from Bob the Builder to the Sex Pistols, there’s sing a longs, theme tunes, pop, rock and disco, tunes for the young ones, tunes for the old ones and we do try and cater for every conceivable taste. Circulating with the menu works perfectly to animate any formal dinner, wedding breakfast or in front of a large number of guests where performing acoustically from a fixed point would be too quiet to be effective.

Going table to table also gives the band the chance to get to know each guest/table personally and have that close up comic interaction with everyone there. This is how they generally perform at weddings and parties and other situations where a formalised theatrical show is not appropriate but tailored to fit of course.

Aperitif Set

The band set the scene at any event by playing a selection of their most beautiful Jigs and reels followed by some serenading of the guests in their own inimitable style. This is ideal at a champagne reception or pre dinner drinks or in any situation where a less full on presentation is desired/required.

The Sausages have built up an amazing repertoire of tunes over the years and it’s always a pleasure to give them a bit of an airing. They often do this before circulating the tables with the a la carte menu so it also has the effect of making the guests think they are something more passive before they become something else which is nice.

Normally the Aperitif starts with 30 minutes or so of beautiful tunes; which is then followed by a more interactive serenading sequence which involves circulating the guests. During this with a few simple fashion accessories some stunning photo opportunities are created and it all provides for a great animation of a pre dinner/champagne reception; or just a beginning of a party to set the mood and break the ice

Theatre Act

The Cosmic Sausages have also performed their street theatre show in a variety of theatrical settings; both in theatres proper or on stages of all types at festivals. The show is always acoustic so not so suited to stadiums but works beautifully in any theatrical setting. Over the years the band has played at numerous festivals; appearing at The Glastonbury Festival 9 times in the Theatre marquee and has performed at numerous arts centres and small theatres around the land.

Cosmic Sausages: Band

The band has also appeared extensively on the Rural touring scheme; which involves travelling around the country performing in Village halls and community centres. Bringing the show to places other shows don’t reach as part of their campaign to bring ‘culture to the people’!! Ideally the band prefer a low stage or plenty of steps as the show is very interactive just as on the street.

The audience always are an intrinsic part of the show and no Sausage show would be the same if the band didn’t enter the audience on at least a few occasions; quite apart from the volunteers from the audience who have some starring roles to perform. There are guest Swedish singers, spoon players, James Brown impersonators and competition winners; all required on the stage as well as plenty of other interactions which make the audience very much part of the show.

About The Band

The band were actually formed back in 1990 and developed their show during an epic 5 month European tour; taking in twelve countries and performing their street show over 250 times. This peaked in the summer months of July and August in Budapest and Prague. Where the newly opened East were incredibly receptive to their brand of English humour and they returned three summers running; for a series of huge street shows in the best places such as the ‘Old Town Square’ In Prague.

They have always performed in Europe a lot and actually perform their show in French and Italian; as well as English. They returned to Europe time and time again; appearing at numerous International busking festivals such as The Ferrara Buskers festival (x5), the Neuchatel Buskers festival (x 4) The Castellaro buskers festival (x5) and numerous festivals all over Italy, France and Switzerland.

They frequented the french and swiss ski resorts for month long tours between 1996 and 2002; skiing in the day and playing bars in the night and are now all very proficient skiers. Chamonix became a second home and a base for both their summer and winter tours in France, Italy and Switzerland.

Back home in England they started to get busier and busier and frequented towns good for street performing such as Bath. Where they met many friends and went many times for long weekends; performing at the infamous Bell in Walcot st and performing at the Bath fringe festival many times.

Cosmic Sausages Festival Shows

Glastonbury came calling and the band performed there 8+ times; appearing on numerous stages as well as the pyramid stage backstage party twice.

The band has played at 1000’s of weddings and parties up and down the land and pretty well honed a completely different technique for performing. Instead of the full blown street show of the early years; the band would be more inclined to tailor a suit to fit any event and at weddings. That meant evolving from background music during the champagne reception; to circulating the tables during the meal. With an a la carte menu of songs and tunes from everywhere for the guests to choose from.

The band really has played in venues big and small. Big being the likes of Wembley Stadium and the O2; and small being many a front room or gazebo or garden fete.

The band has performed in village halls up and down the land, as part of the rural touring scheme; it’s performed at grand prix’s at Silverstone, moto GP’s, the Olympics, the Commonwealth games. The Long room at Lords and many events for the Lord and Lady Taverners.

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