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Cirque Bijou the innovative circus creators, provide anything from; real 10 foot robots, fire and cloud swinging, street dance with LED suits, web spins and tightly choreographed juggling routines. All shows have a contemporary feel and are totally adaptable to the venue and theme.

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Cirque Bijou create high impact contemporary circus shows and programmes, including: acrobatics, trapeze, cloud swing, corde lisse and tightrope. Shows can incorporate any combination of; street dance, juggling, acrobatics, silks, statue, modern and traditional circus skills; along with stunning visual themes and fire, smoke, water and light suits. With stand alone performers, set shows or bespoke performances; Cirque Bijou will design an incredible display for any theme, venue or budget. From custom made rigging, projections and effects to a single stilt walker.

Cirque Bijou: High Impact

Shows such as the Aerobatic format, draws on the most exciting aerialists in Europe; with breath taking skills, costumes and artistic direction. Acts range from a solo rope, to a large scale spectacle; complete with trapeze. The use of lights and water curtains, add to the visuals.

Whilst Scorch combines high energy physical acts, from circus and dance; presented with fire and pyrotechnic effects. Street dancers wearing LED suits, jugglers with fire, free runners, light artists, freestyle BMX and skaters, tumblers and acrobats; and everything in between. Cirque Bijou provide a world of physical and visual entertainment.

Worldwide Appeal

With a host of exceptional performers from around the world, shows can be any length; with any number of performers, using any theme, concept and location specific performances.

Bijou performers and designers have been involved in the London 2012 Olympics, concerts, festivals and events around the world. As well as shows, the group also provide trainers and kit to teach; juggling, plate spinning, diabolo, uni cycling and stilt walking. The circus workshops help break down learning barriers, build individual confidence and promote team spirit; in a fun environment.

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