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Time to Re-Energise!

As we enter a new decade, having been worn down by Brexit issues, facing fresh economic challenges. A Business group felt it was time to Re-Energise. Arranging an appropriately titled Business conference with four speakers ready to light the match and send us all into motivational orbit.

Stress in Our Lives

Psychologist Maria Paviour skipped onto the stage wearing a red polka dot dress with matching hat, looking like a character from ‘The Wizard of Oz’.  Taking us down the yellow brick road of dealing with stress to the promised land of well-being. Never an easy subject to deal with, with so many corporations putting more pressure on employees to perform, while playing lips service to mental health.  Through out her set Maria got the delegates up fist-pumping each other alongside other physical activity such as high fives.

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Motor Racing Speaker

Former Formula 4 racing driver Brian Sim took us along his own slightly different road. This centred around his career in motor racing. Realising he wasn’t good enough to drive at Formula one level. He took the many opportunities that fell his way within the sport. Resulting in him working with the sports major movers and shakers in different aspect of commercial activities based around Motor Racing. Including running the South African Grand Prix race circuit.

Believing it’s about seeing and taking the opportunities around one. He described himself as a salesman. Who by identifying, creating and taking such opportunities, made himself better than what he was.

Powerful Female Speakers

Dr. Elaine Hickmott gave us her dynamics for what she called the three P’s – ‘Portable, Personal, Power.’  Helping us to change. While Cath Bishop an Olympic rower and senior diplomat made some excellent points around success. How can we define it ? Her team analysed their performance to improve it. Sharing her experience in the Team GB rowing pairs to win a Silver medal. ‘The Experience’ being the keyword in developing and changing her mindset.

Quoting England football manager Gareth Southgate answer to a journalist. Who asked what is success for the team? Replying ‘He wanted the team and support team to have the best experience.’ Such an answer baffling the gathered news hacks. But meaning if the experience is positive, success will come.

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Re-Energise Speaker Team Q&A

The whole forum was nicely hosted by John Young, keeping proceedings moving while bringing back all four speakers for a Q&A session with the delegates. It was interesting to note that some speakers shone out more with their Q&A answers than they did on stage. On occasions over powering physical performances can sometimes distract from the important message being delivered.

All four guest speakers had much to offer –  myself realising each individual becomes re-energise and motivated differently. Some by the physical high fives approach associated with team work and others simply by listening to a ‘Churchillian’ style speech from someone we respect and admire.

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