Major Drinks Manufacturer Case Study

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Drinks Manufacturer Case Study Background

The client was a major soft drinks manufacturer which was holding its annual conference.

The Problem

During the conference the drinks manufacturer company wanted to provide their employees with help & support in areas that most concerned them. One such issue was public speaking. Those that had to do this, sometimes, frightening task were embarrassed, concerned and nervous at the thought of standing in front of people and delivering a speech let alone trying to be funny. They did not want to let themselves or the company down.

The Solution

A series of comedy workshops were booked during the conference for all styles of employees (lower, middle management & executive levels) where they were shown how to get up on stage with confidence and relax. Further, delegates were taught how to turn personal anecdotes into amusing stories without making them self indulgent and of no value. The Staff attending the workshops were also shown how to use the newspaper as a source of comedic and interesting research to include in a speech.

The Result

Delegates became a lot more relaxed and confident about standing up in front of people, delivering information with amusing asides. Further the managing director commissioned three speeches to be specifically written for him.

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