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Comicus is associated as pioneers in the cruise ship event world – Comedians On Cruise Ships. Being the first to integrate modern new comedians onto traditional cruise ships. An artistic comedy development our Director first implemented in holiday resorts, then moving the concept to the oceans of the world for several multinational cruise companies. Such careful booking with a studied team of performers is now being appreciated by several private cruise clients.

Chartered Comedy Cruise Ship

The market place for chartering cruise ships for company conferences, business events and corporate celebrations has grown.  On occasions these events are held alongside paying passengers, where a certain amount of space on the ship is for exclusive use of the hirer. Other corporations with wealthy business owners prefer to hire the whole ship. These are not necessarily the large 3000 persons liners, but more exclusive luxury ships that can hold around 600 guests in decorated suites rather than cabins.

Private Charter Comedy Cruise Ship Event

Seabourn Cruise Ship Comedy

Seabourn Cruise has a line of exclusive vessels keeping everyone in total comfort in luxury surroundings. The recent charter by a Premier League Football Chairman of the Odyssey, saw everyone enjoying themselves. The event which is normally implemented every four years needs careful arrangements.

Cruise Ship Comedian

One of the country’s leading speakers / comedian Bob ‘The Cat’ Bevan was on board as the main performer, keeping everyone laughing and entertained. Bob was kept busy with not only doing his regular set, but compering the Poker competition and judging the fancy dress.

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Other Comedians on Cruise Ships

Other comics who have worked the event in the past are Milton Jones and Alistair McGowan, both thoroughly enjoying their time on board. ‘Everyone was so much younger than I thought’ said Milton, ‘they were really up for a good laugh’.

Comicus provides a number of stand up comedians, guest speakers, singers & bands for private corporate cruises.

Private Charter Cruise Events

Seabourn believe the private charter of a cruise ship has a number of distinct advantages for event managers over land-based venues:

  • Exclusivity: Your attendees are the only guests on board, nobody else is coming or going during your charter.
  • Prestige: Nothing bespeaks an organisation’s strength more eloquently than the ability to simply take command of a prestigious venue for its privileged guests’ enjoyment.
  • Branding: The itinerary, onboard programming, even the masthead on the daily program, all can be customized to declare that this is your event. The ship can even fly a corporate flag if you wish.
  • Ideal Size: Seabourn ships are the ideal size for charter. The Odyssey, Sojourn and Quest have 229 all suite accommodations. The new Seabourn Encore and Seabourn Ovation (launched Spring 2018) feature 300 all suite, all veranda accommodations.
  • Control: Attendees are more likely to bond successfully and less likely to be distracted while travelling aboard a Seabourn cruise ship.

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