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Milton Jones

Keeping up with the Joneses

Milton Jones ticks all the boxes to be a great comedian. He is quiet, introverted, unassuming plus when off stage he never does material. He’s not a gossip or seldom speaks unless spoken to, but you know something deep is going on in that head. What comedically comes out of his mind is just as…
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John Lloyd

John Lloyd: In conversation

Those of you who remember ‘Not the Nine O’clock News’ (BBC 1979 -83), ‘Spitting Image’ (ITV 1984 -96) and the ‘The Blackadder’ sitcom series (BBC 1983-89) may not realise what these shows had in common. Well, all of them were originally produced by John Lloyd who went on to make some of the most important…
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Ian Moore

Ian Moore, more, more, more!

‘Doing the actual job of being a comedian isn’t the problem’ an experienced comic once told me. ‘It’s all the bloody travelling which gets in the way’ he said. Well, have a look at this travel itinerary; Started from Loire Valley (France) at 6:30am, forty-minute drive from Vierzon, an hour half train to Paris, an…
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Martin Beaumont

‘Chitty, Chitty, Cruise, Cruise’ Martin Beaumont: Interview

To see Martin’s profile and to book him for your event click here. Having been pushed to the back as a child actor during the filming of ‘Chitty Chitty, Bang, Bang’ as he looked to healthy for a starving child in the famous cave scene. Martin Beaumont went on to star on Saturday night TV in…
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