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Tim Vine as Columbo

Tim Vine is Columbo

Tim Vine recreates Columbo Columbo fan and comedian Tim Vine has re-created a number of scenes from various episodes of the famous TV series, often filmed in his own backyard and the local park. For those who know the series the scene parodies are exceptionally funny. All of the extracts contain the exact dialogue from a…
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magician in a traditional tuxedo, with various props, looking mysterious and magical.

6 Reasons to Have a Magician at Your Next Corporate Event

Are you looking for something to take your next corporate event up a notch? Then you should consider hiring a different style of entertainment to bring your event up to the next level. Keep reading to learn why hiring a magician for your next event is a great idea. 1. Make it Memorable With a Magician…
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Comedy Impressions

Comedy Impressions: Making An Impression In The Modern World

Nowadays, Comedy Impressions and Impressionists are a rare sight on stage and screen. This art form has been left behind with flared trousers and the eighties word processor. Comedians are now more observational, chatty, satirical and find no room for impressionism within their acts. A vocal jamboree of celebrity characters is seen as ‘old hat’…
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Image Rights Explained: MARILYN_MONROE_IN

Image Rights Explained: Entertainers & Show Business

A very bitter John Cleese recently complained of an Australian theatre company who had a “shameless rip-off” of ‘Fawlty Towers’ using all the characters from the TV comedy in a show which has a residency in London and abroad. Although there still maybe a case of copyright infringement, Cleese may have been better off taking out…
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Andy1 - When Andy Met One Of The Beatles

When Andy Met A Beatle, A Bond Girl & Dame Edna

Andy Cade (Art Director, Musician & Lecturer) reminisces on working with Ringo, Barbara Bach, Dame Edna. When Andy Met A Beatle, A Bond Girl & Dame Edna In 1990 my wife Lizzie came home from the Gym in Barnes saying she’d befriended some girls at the aqua class who she’d thought ‘may have something to…
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Angry John Cleese Might Sue Australian Theatre Company

Angry John Cleese Might Sue Australian Theatre Company

John Cleese says he may sue an Australian theatre company for its “shameless rip-off” of Fawlty Towers. The Australian company has been running their unofficial show at the Edinburgh Fringe for the last nine years, and currently has a residency at a London hotel, where tickets cost up to £59. Another version is to open…
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Top 10 Films About Comedy

Top 10 Films About Comedy & Show Business

The below movies represent a personal choice of work (in no particular order) who have successfully communicated a realism about the comedy and show business profession. Having watched several films and stage plays on this industry. Few do the business justice. Here is my Top 10 Films about Comedy, Entertainment & Show Business. Top 10 Films…
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