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Galton & Simpson: Honoured by BAFTA – Finally!

In May 8th 2016 comedy writers Ray Galton and Alan Simpson were honoured with a BAFTA fellowship. The two were writing pioneers in the format of sit-com creating classics such as ‘Hancock’s Half Hour’ and ‘Steptoe and Son’. Alan Simpson 1929-2017 & Ray Galton 1930-2018 The BAFTA tribute was introduced and led by Paul Merton…
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Leicester City FC

Leicester City Win Premiership: Foxes Out Run The Hounds

Having watched football for nearly fifty years I can safely say Leicester City FC winning the Premiership title is the most extra ordinary upset I have ever observed. Until it actually happened nobody could really believe it. But it has. For once the Foxes have out run the hounds of Spurs, Arsenal, Man City, Man…
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St George’s Day Charity Lunch

St George’s Day Charity Luncheon

The St. George’s Day Charity Luncheon is fast becoming a must, on the Brighton & Hove social scene. The one day of the year where a touch of nationalism can be greeted and respected, without turning into a Nuremberg rally. Hence the need for typical British humour, with the ability to laugh at ourselves and…
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Victoria Wood

Victoria Wood: True Talent Remembered

Victoria Wood was an excellent comedy performer and an even better writer. She showed in a man’s comedy world, true talent can rise to the top and entertain us all. Sarah Millican describing her as ‘A true comic icon’. Her death at the age of 62, says the Times, stunned her family and a “nation…
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Micheal McIntrye’s Big Show

It’s good to see Michael McIntyre getting back to what he does best – stand up. In his new prime Saturday night BBC TV show, his opening monologue showed what a master he is at taking a comic idea and running with it, building through comparisons and observations from one very small idea. This time,…
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Neil Laughton Antarctic Cricket: The Ice Man Cometh - Up To Bat Next

Antarctic Cricket: The Ice Man Cometh – Up To Bat Next

Former Royal Marine Commando Neil Laughton, described his day job as business consultant and training executive to over 200 cricket lovers; talking about Antarctic Cricket, Frost Bite and Coastguard Rescues when delivering an informative and interesting talk on his career adventures at Sussex County Cricket Club. British Army Antarctic Cricket Neil mentioned he couldn’t get into…
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Blackadder Destroyed My Life!

The sit-com ‘Blackadder’ was one of the most loved and respected comedy series in the UK. But not for the former BBC’s chief medical officer whose life was made a complete misery – thanks to Blackadder. What was not known at the time by creators Rowan Atkinson and Richard Curtis but their ‘I have a…
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When Andy Met A Beatle, A Bond Girl & Dame Edna

Andy Cade (Art Director, Musician & Lecturer) reminisces on working with Ringo, Barbara Bach, Dame Edna. In 1990 my wife Lizzie came home from the Gym in Barnes saying she’d befriended some girls at the aqua class who she’d thought ‘may have something to do with the Beatles’. Turned out to be Pattie Boyd/Harrison/Clapton, Nicole…
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Ronnie Corbett: Comics Remember A Comedy Legend

Ronnie Corbett dies just weeks before he was to be knighted in the Queens’s 90th Birthday Honours list. He was given a CBE in 2012, Sir Bruce Forsyth said “It’s a very sad day, we’re all going to miss him” The much loved Actor, Comedian and broadcaster was best known for his work with Ronnie…
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Garry Shandling

Garry Shandling: Comedy Innovation Remembered

Garry Shandling was a comedy pioneer pushing sit-com a little further in a golden period in the early nineties. He was best remembered for ‘It’s Garry Shandling’s Show’ and ‘The Larry Sanders Show’ – both of which innovated the tone and direction that sitcoms might take. Ricky Gervais said of Shandling ‘one of the most…
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Johan Cruyff

Johan Cruyff: Final Turn Of A Master

Johan Cruyff was regarded as one the greatest players of all time, he won three consecutive European Cups (1970–71, 1971–72, 1972–73) with Ajax and went on to play and manage Barcelona to their first European Cup triumph in 1992. Johan Cruyff: Player Manager He was unique as not only as a great footballer winning three…
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Angry John Cleese Might Sue Australian Theatre Company

Angry John Cleese Might Sue Australian Theatre Company

John Cleese says he may sue an Australian theatre company for its “shameless rip-off” of Fawlty Towers. The Australian company has been running their unofficial show at the Edinburgh Fringe for the last nine years, and currently has a residency at a London hotel, where tickets cost up to £59. Another version is to open…
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Top 10 Films About Comedy

Top 10 Films About Comedy & Show Business

The below movies represent a personal choice of work (in no particular order) who have successfully communicated a realism about the comedy and show business profession. Having watched several films and stage plays on this industry. Few do the business justice. Here is my Top 10 Films about Comedy, Entertainment & Show Business. Top 10 Films…
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Paul Daniels

Paul Daniels: Disappears One Last Time

Paul Daniels was without doubt one of the most accomplished magicians in the world, and certainly one of the most exciting. Add to that a unique comedy patter and you had the complete entertainment performer. Paul Daniels: TV Magician He was a controversial person but deeply respected and admired by fellow magicians. Daniels had worked…
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Comedy Playhouse

TV Review: BBC Comedy Playhouse Returns

With the BBC recently announcing remakes of classic TV comedy shows such as ‘Steptoe and Son’ and ‘Till Death Us Do Part’, ‘Are You Being Served?’, ‘Porridge’, ‘Up Pompeii’, ‘The Good Life’ and ‘Keeping Up Appearances; including the re-development of the lost ‘Hancock Half Hour’ tapes. You wander whether some top TV executive has fallen…
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Paul Zerdin

America’s Got Talent UK Winner Lives The Dream In Las Vegas

Paul Zerdin comic ventriloquist, winner of America’s got talent 2015, has signed for a long season at the Planet Hollywood casino on the Las Vegas strip from April 30. His success after winning America’s Got Talent last year, has opened up so many wonderful opportunities for him. Apology From Las Vegas Headliner However, that has meant…
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Asphalt Engineering Company Case Study

The client was a highly successful engineering (Asphalt) company supplying a unique web base flooring to support and make highways, pavements and airfields last longer. The busy executives were completing 45 minute sales presentations up and down the country to interested groups and parties ranging from local councils to large construction companies. The Problem The…
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WKD Drinks

Major Drinks Manufacturer Case Study

The Background The client was a major soft drinks manufacturer which was holding its annual conference. The Problem During the conference the company wanted to provide their employees with help & support in areas that most concerned them. One such issue was public speaking. Those that had to do this, sometimes, frightening task were embarrassed,…
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