An inventor and entrepreneur who is famous for winning the seventh series of BBC reality show The Apprentice, Tom Pellererau’s revolutionary ideas have seen him become one of the most successful businessmen around.

Graduating from the University of Bath with a first-class degree in Mechanical Engineering, Tom always had the ambition to become an inventor. As a child, he was known to dismantle objects to discover how they worked and would frequently be making things with his mother and grandfather. The first invention Tom created was made in the oven of his flat armed with nothing more than a glue-gun and crafting knife. Despite battling with his dyslexia in his youth which could sometimes made him struggle with school work, he never let this hold him back, instead dedicating more time and working even harder to fulfil his potential.

In 2011 he entered popular television programme The Apprentice which sets promising businessmen and women against each other for a chance of winning a £250,000 investment from renowned business magnate Lord Sugar. This was the first series of the competition where an investment and opportunity to launch a business alongside Lord Sugar was offered as the prize rather than a job.

Tom became the first winner in the show’s new format, impressing Lord Sugar with his creativity, passion for his inventions and his growth in business acumen throughout the process. Together Tom and Lord Sugar created the Stylfile product, a S shaped nail file which can now be seen on the shelves of major supermarkets.

He has assisted with the design of a new product for the company Mode Diagnostics which aims for people to screen themselves for bowel cancer. As well as this he has co-developed a new brand of baby bottle which is collapsible and made of silicon. In 2015 alongside his sister he announced Timmy Tickle a new children’s story app which follows the adventures of octopus Timmy in an interactive story which attempts to increase children’s love of reading. The app has proven to be extremely successful and climbed to second place in the App Store Book charts, overtaking some of the most famous authors worldwide.