Toby Young is one of Britain’s most controversial broadcasters and journalists. He is an associate editor of the Spectator and the editor of Spectator LIFE; where he has written a weekly column since 1998. He co-founded the West London Free School, the first free school in England to sign a Funding Agreement with Michael Gove; and his group has subsequently opened two more.

Career Highlights

Toby’s career has included co-founding and editing the Modern Review with Julie Burchill, writing for Vanity Fair and working as a regular judge on Top Chef; an Emmy Award-winning food reality show in New York and Las Vegas. His greatest claim to fame is writing How to Lose Friends & Alienate People, a memoir about his failure to take Manhattan which was turned into a film starring Simon Pegg.

Toby Young TV & Radio

Toby is a regular guest on TV and radio programmes including; Question Time, the Today programme, Any Questions and the Daily Politics. Where his areas of expertise include education, the media and contemporary politics. He is a Fulbright Commissioner and a Visiting Fellow of Buckingham University. Toby is a versatile, informed and erudite speaker.

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