Tim Minchin is an Australian comedian, actor, composer, songwriter, pianist, musical director and a self proclaimed rock ‘n’ roll megastar.

He was born in Northampton, England, and grew up in Perth, Western Australia. He attended UWA (University of Western Australia) before launching onto the world stage at the 2005 Edinburgh Fringe Festival by winning the Best Newcomer Perrier Comedy Award.His eccentric appearance (wild unkempt hair, heavy eyeliner and bare feet juxtaposed with a crisp and clean suit and tails, and a grand piano) adds to his comedic performances.Notable songs include “Inflatable You”, “Rock N Roll Nerd” and the anthem “Canvas Bags”, the latter often used as a finale in which Tim will discard his jacket and lead the audience in an increasingly dramatic environmental pledge for people to reject plastic bags in favour of reusable canvas ones.

His 2005 and 2006 shows (Dark Side and So Rock, both named for songs within the shows) have been recorded to CD. His first DVD, called ‘So Live’, was filmed in June 2007 in Sydney.

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