The highly successful corporate entertainment act The Three Waiters was established in Australia in 1999; by Mark Bradley and Darryl Lovegrove. The Three Waiters concept remains totally unique in the industry; and has become one of the most sought after acts on the national and international corporate entertainment circuit.

International Performers

The Three Waiters are now known throughout the world, having performed more than 4,000 shows in 55 countries. ‘The Three Waiters’ has become one of the most sought after acts in the national and international corporate entertainment sector.

Actual Waiters

As an important part of the act, each performer actually works the floor as a waiter; for some time before the performance begins. They also dress and act the same as the “real” waiters; thus giving no clues of what is about to come. Picture your next corporate function, dinner. The evening is running according to plan with the usual mixing and mingling of invited guests and clients.

Singing Waiters

Suddenly, one of the food or beverage waiters bursts into an aria from a well-known opera; or song from a popular Broadway musical. Your guests are simultaneously stunned by the waiter’s behaviour and intrigued by the fact that the waiter sang so well!

As the evening progresses, another waiter effects a similar spontaneous rendition of his own – with matching professional aplomb!

The Three Waiters Singing

Shortly after the two waiters begin staging this impromptu vocal “duel”; the audience are then further surprised by a “gate crashing” third waiter and the three proceed to “out-do” each other “three tenors” style.

A guaranteed delight at any corporate event.

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