Stuart Turner is recognised as one of the funniest after-dinner speakers in the country. One trade federation reported after a speech that “he had people rolling in the aisles”. Stuart talks entertainingly and he is a winner of a coveted Benedictine After-Dinner Speaker of the Year Award.

Talking Teamwork

He is uniquely qualified to talk about teamwork because he has practical experience of building world-beating teams; for not one but two companies, and in one of the most fiercely competitive areas there is, motorsport. After being British Champion rally co-driver for three years; Stuart ran the BMC team when Mini Coopers were winning countless events, including several Monte Carlo Rallies. He later moved to Ford and again built a successful team; which won not only individual events like the longest rally ever held, the London to Mexico. But also European and World Championships in both racing and rallying.

Business Talk

His business experience included six years as Ford of Europe’s Director of Motorsport; which involved working with senior executives of many nationalities (and from several business disciplines) in every country in Europe. In addition to team building, Stuart has wide practical experience of quality and customer service issues; and his knowledge is not confined to motorsport. As well as a spell as Director of Public Affairs for Ford of Britain; he ran a self-contained factory within Ford. Which built low-volume, high quality cars sold to knowledgeable and discerning customers.

Stuart Turner: Speaker

Whatever his subject, Stuart talks entertainingly; and he is a winner of a coveted Benedictine After Dinner Speaker of the Year Award. He is able to lecture about team building during a daytime conference; with a leavening of humour or build relevant serious points into an entertaining after dinner speech.

Stuart has addressed audiences ranging from a dozen to over 2000; and is used to international groups, travelling to several countries to speak every year. His record to date being 27 different nationalities in an audience of 48. He is author of over 20 books on business and motorsport, published in several languages.

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