Samantha Clarke is a happiness and change coach. Founder of ‘Samantha &’, the company provide coaching and advisory services to founders, leaders and all those who manage people. Samantha’s company provides coaching on how to navigate the impact of tech on happiness at work. They help companies elevate emotional intelligence, build company culture, relationships and environments that support, retain and attract happy employees and teams.

Samantha’s Passions

Her passions are a melting pot of psychology, philosophy, tech, happiness, well being, cultures and people.The mission is to help companies and people by giving them advice on the small things they can do, to make a big difference.

Building Great Business

Samantha untangles sticky issues such as: defining values and visions, crafting a ‘happy‘ employee journey, cross cultural, communication and relationship building issues; across tech, company (start up) culture design and conflict resolution to promote more significant change and growth. She believes that building a great business starts from the top and then a willingness to co-create with employees; to design a more conscious and happier approach to work.

Samantha Clarke Achievements

Samantha Clarke has achieved significant results working with an impressive list of clients including: Mediacom, Innocent Drinks, Shopify, DADI+, P&G, Amex, Pizza Hut, Harrods, Virgin Media Pioneers, Giorgio Armani, Gov HR Summit (Abu Dhabi), Elle Magazine and British Fashion Council to name a few. She eats, sleeps and breathes all facets of the tech and creative industries and delivers results in areas like start up leader, exec and ORSC team coaching / development and workshop facilitation.

Samantha Clarke Speaker

As a keynote speaker Samantha Clarke delivers presentations and workshops inspiring individuals to make changes in diverse areas such as:

  • Authentic Leadership
  • Managing Stress
  • Realising your Potential
  • Enhancing Communication at Work
  • Happiness at Work
  • Well being at Work
  • The Future of Work
  • The Impact of Tech on our Happiness
  • Increasing Emotional Intelligence.

You can also find Samantha Clarke commentating on work happiness, relationships, culture, new age people, operations / HR and leadership; in publications such as Changeboard, Forbes, Harper’s Bazaar, BBC 1Xtra, Evening Standard, Psychologies and City AM.

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