Ricky Grover was born and bred in the East End of London. His large than life persona and lovable cockney personality, has endured him to many audiences. Before becoming a comedian / actor / writer, he was once a ladies’ hairdresser (following his mother into the profession); and a champion boxer with the nickname Ricky ‘Goodnight’ Grover due to his big punching power.

Ricky Grover: Comedian

His comedy act is suitable for audiences across the spectrum and he always has them in fits of laughter. He has successfully taken his one-man comedy show to the Edinburgh Festival which was followed by a national tour. When he performed on the circuit he regularly headlined at all the top comedy clubs across the country and beyond; Ricky can now only be seen performing live with his one-man show; in theatres around the country as well as at corporate events.

Film Writer

He is a prolific writer, he wrote and starred in two short film called ‘Punch’; which won him the prestigious ‘Silver Bear Award’ at Berlin International Film Festival and ‘Hungry’ for Channel 4. Which won him the ‘Best Actor Award’ at the Brest Film Festival. Ricky has also been seen in a BBC 2 comedy series starring Johnny Vaugh called ‘orrible.

Ricky Grover: TV Work

He also was a regular in Jo Brand’s Ch4 series Through the Cake Hole (1997) His other TV appearances are numerous and include; Red Dwarf, Fist of Fun, ‘Orrible, The 11 O’Clock Show, Honky Sausages, Black Books and the sit-com Not Going Out (2011). He also provided the voice acting for the character of Yangus; in the English language version of the PlayStation 2 game Dragon Quest VIII.

Eastenders & Bulla

However he is best known to the public as Andrew Cotton the character in EastEnders (2011/12). He won the Best Actor award at the Brest European Short Film Festival in 2000; for his performance in Hungry (1998). One of his most regular characters is “Bulla”; a violent offender who originally featured on The 11 O’Clock Show and was interviewed by Michael Parkinson. Other fans of Bulla include, Ray Winstone, Dizzee Rascal, Jools Holland and Jamie Oliver.

He had a guest appearance in Top Buzzer. In 2011 he starred and co-wrote the feature length film Big Fat Gypsy Gangster with his wife, Maria Grover. Ricky wrote a column in Loaded magazine (2003) called Raging Bulla; and also appeared as a bandit in a Virgin Mobile advert. He also featured in the Pop music video for the England song Vindaloo by “Fat Les”.

Ricky Grover: Body Image

In 2006, Grover presented the documentary F*** Off I’m Fat as part of BBC Three’s first “Body Image” season. In 2007 he presented a peak-time Tonight With Trevor McDonald report on obesity; and a BBC Two episode of Grandad’s Back in Business in which he mentored two stand-up comedians. Since July 2009 he has played the part of Matron Hilary Loftus; in the BAFTA award winning BBC Four medical ‘docu-sitcom’ Getting On. He had a role in the vampire film Dead Cert and in the horror drama Tony (2010)

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