Philippa Tuttiett set up Female Builders and Interiors in 2007 after years of working with her father in his property renovation company and completing her degree in Business Communications at Cardiff University.

Philippa Tuttiett Teacher

She teaches construction with The Construction Youth Trust and worked in the TV industry featuring in many home make over shows. A keen athlete, she has represented Wales at Rugby Union, 7’s Rugby & touch. She is also an Entrepreneur Role Model for Welsh Government and an Athlete Role Model for Sky Sports Academy.

Renovation Game

Philippa Tuttiett never encountered prejudice as a builder in Cardiff; as she was relatively well-known in the industry through her father. She did however receive some element of sexism when took part in Channel 4’s The Renovation Game. The on screen builders made comments about being her being too weak or that she should be in the kitchen, and excused the behaviour as ‘Banter’.

To overcome this Philippa kept her head down, worked really hard and completed her work before everyone else and would then help the other builders complete their work. By season 2 she was promoted to head builder and was in charge of the whole renovation. “All of a sudden the ‘banter’ stopped, strange that!”

Business Wales

Philippa Tuttiett thanks Business Wales for their free mentoring sessions that helped her set up her business. Her advice to other women looking to start a business is “Don’t be too proud to ask for help, speak to as many people you can to get advice and guidance in the career you’re interested in. Be prepared to work long hours and have to make some difficult decisions to prioritise your business. But just remember the harder you work, especially in the early years the more goals you’ll achieve. Above all, make sure that what you do makes you happy.”

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