Pete Cohen has the personality and skill that can change people’s lives. Drawing on his talent as a life strategist, human behaviourist, health and fitness professional, motivational speaker, business consultant and best selling author; he has established himself firmly in the personal development field.

Pete Cohen: Comedian

Pete has great enthusiasm, sense of humour and compassion. He brilliantly communicates with not only his clients, but with a widespread audience through the camera. Pete Cohen is highly qualified in many different areas of psychology, personal development and health and fitness. He has an incredible understanding of people and the limitations they have; that prevent them from living more productive and happier lives. His fun motivational techniques and strategies are used in a way so that people can control their own well being and realise their full potential.

Pete Cohen Life Coach

A regular face on TV, Pete Cohen has presented Think Yourself Slim for This Morning and co-hosted a diet and fitness show with Fern Britton; also for ITV, called Looking Good Feeling Great. Pete has also featured with the This Morning team on a new feature Challenge of a lifetime. Ten women who encountered difficulties in their lives were chosen to take the challenge of their life.

Previously Pete was GMTV’s resident Life Coach and motivator for 5 years; on events such as Inch Loss Island and The Life Coach.  Pete hosted two new shows for ITV and Discovery Health, one as a resident fitness expert presenter Fat Chance and the other hosting his own series The Coach. Pete can be seen as an expert on shows from Trisha and Jerry Springer to BBC News and Sport.

Pete And Sport

In addition to his TV and commercial work, Pete Cohen has been highly respected in the world of sport for many years. He is the peak performance coach to numerous world class sports people, including; Ronnie O’Sullivan, Ian Flanagan, Sally Gunnell and Ellen MacArthur. Pete famously undertook a one on one programme with World Snooker Champion Ronnie O’Sullivan; helping him reach his second World title in 2004.

As founder of the recent Habit Busting, Fear Busting and Lighten Up Weight Loss programmes. Pete has also been recognised as a successful author of ten books; that advise people on losing weight, beating habits and boosting self esteem. His book LIFE DIY launched in 2004 and other titles are now in the works. Including ‘Sort Your Life’ which will be on shelves in the next few months.

Communication Skills

Pete’s skill as a communicator naturally enables him to be a spokesperson within many mediums; and for a variety of brands and programmes. Recently Pete Cohen has worked with Ebay Motors,, Best Western and Camelot. In 2006, Capital One teamed up with Pete for their We make changing easy campaign. They used Pete for PR to provide expert comment through Radio Days, interviews, a sponsored print column, blogs and he also recorded Vodcasts for their website. To create an online community around the campaign and drive people to their micro site.

Pete Cohen Guest Speaker

As a motivational speaker, Pete Cohen presents talks, workshops and seminars to the corporate market. For companies such as IBM, Pfizer, Northern Rock, BAA and Thomas Cook. His interactive and inspiring sessions motivate those interested in the ‘Art of Winning’. Pete is also now a regular media spokesperson; for high profile projects such as Weetabix, Job Centre Re-launch and others.

Key Themes Include

  • Effective communication
  • Getting the balance right
  • Coping with change
  • The art of winning
  • Being part of a world class team
  • Leadership

Formula For Happiness

Over the past few years Pete has been recognised and respected internationally through defining the ‘formula’ for Happiness and another one for Desperation.

This led to the enormous success of the Happiness Campaign, in conjunction with Thomson Holidays and the Desperation idents; attached to the award winning series ‘Desperate Housewives’.  Appearances in person, on the radio and on TV set the public alight. With requests coming from 27 countries around the world including: Brazil, Canada, and Korea. All looking for Pete’s help and endorsements.

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